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Top 10 Stoner Movies on Netflix to Watch During Lockdown

Our Netflix Picks In our bustling, hyper-modern, technologically-mediated world, we all secretly crave some quality alone time. Generally speaking, we're never getting as much as...

I’m Quitting Work To Smoke More Weed

Redesigning My Life Around Cannabis Have you ever sat at work and just thought: 'Fuck... I hate this, I am honestly so sick of being...

‘PGR’ Produced by Organised Crime Exploits Low-Income Immigrants

Black Market PGR 'Propped Up' by the Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers In March last year, Coles raised the price of their home-brand milk by 10 cents...

10 Ways That Weed is Rolled Across the World

Ten Ways To Roll Your Weed Ranging from the practical and efficient, to the downright artistic and absurd - the myriad ways in which various...

A Glossary of Australian Cannabis Terminology

THE GUIDE TO AUSTRALIAN CANNABIS TERMINOLOGY! We here at FAB have strived to provide the Aussie cannabis community with a compendium of the cannabis-related terms...

Aussie Cannabis Laws: New South Wales

Aussie cannabis laws are a mixed bag. While the heavy-handed drug war days are mostly behind us, we still all have to navigate a society...