I’m Quitting Work To Smoke More Weed

Redesigning My Life Around Cannabis

Have you ever sat at work and just thought: ‘Fuck… I hate this, I am honestly so sick of being here. I can’t smoke, or shake my anxiety… Ahh, hurry up, 5 o’clock!’

It really is no way to live; it felt so unnatural, for me at least. My body is telling me to rest and calm down, while my boss is asking me for his third cheese toastie of the morning; like, fuck.

I sat at my job, thinking what it would be like to send out a massive message to everyone, saying that I just quit my career. I don’t need to be riddled with anxiety for the majority of my day. They could all suck a fat one, if they wanted to judge me!

Fuck This. I’m ‘Coming Out’.

One day, I woke up with a genius idea. I knew that things could be different, if I so wished. I was going to design my life, from this day forward.

Hell yeah! All empowered and shit! I had become so numb to what certain friends and family members might think… so, I outed myself for the flower tokin’, pot smokin’ individual that I really was.

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quitting work

I quit my job. I decided to take the time to plan my next steps. I started to pick up old activities, like writing. I quickly found myself looking for opportunities I could take from the comfort of my bong.

Before long, my calendar started to fill up with independent work. I was finding myself a bit happier; less stressed. I couldn’t believe I could wake up and have a coffee with a billy.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about all of this? I was a more productive worker after having quit my corporate job and gone freelance.

Quitting Work: Is This Lifestyle For You?

If you suffer from any of these feelings frequently, you may want to look into quitting your job and redesigning your life:

Anxiety Attacks at work
Mental Health complications
A strong desire for self employment/online employment
The sustainability of a cannabis-inclusive lifestyle in your existence
A desire to be “more honest” with friends and family about your medicine
The recognition that this isn’t where you want to (or should) be.
Gluttony: smashing 20 cones after you knock off work.

The points I make here are based upon personal experience.

Implementation of Your New Lifestyle

If you’re going to make a big change to your life, it’s important to have a plan in place. When I considered how I was going to do all of this, there were so many angles I never considered.

You could try to start backwards; think about what your life will look like afterwards. What will your family say? In my opinion, once you have confronted this, planning it all is relatively straightforward.

For me, I knew there where going to be a few people who disagreed with my lifestyle choices. They would say stuff like “really, dude?” and look down on me. In the end, they got over it.

You Still Need to Make Money

You will need to have an income. You will also need to work out how to fill up your time. However you do this is completely up to you!

I found that implementing Mat Steinweide’s 31-minute strategy worked for me. The concept behind 31mins is: you do every thing in 31 minute blocks of sustained attention. This will ultimately help assist you in completing a lot of little tasks each day, to move yourself towards larger goals. Have a daily calendar, and fill it. I block out 31 minute chunks for exercising, smoking breaks, writing, as well as looking for ways to make money.

Since I quit my job to smoke more weed, my life has changed. The relationship I have to myself and to cannabis has shifted, too. Relationships with others have come and gone. In the end, though, I’m happier; which is what matters. I feel more honest, my lifestyle is in better alignment with my desires, and I enjoy life. The only downside is that I have less money to play with.

Summoning up the courage to take action in your life always takes self-esteem; regardless of how seemingly big or small the challenge is.

“What may look like a small act of courage, is courage nonetheless. The important thing is to be willing to take a step forward.”
– Nichiren Daishonin
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