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Cannabis Culture

‘Whole Plant Extracts’: The Most Reliable Aussie Sources For High Quality CBD Oil

Australians Love Cannabis... What About CBD Oil? As a plant, cannabis holds a remarkable grasp upon the cultural pulse of Australian life. Far and wide,...

Holidaying in the Home of Moroccan Hash

"'In August is when the hippies come. They buy one, two kilograms, they wrap it and pop! On the boat to Spain.' Mustafa mimes,...

A Glossary of Australian Cannabis Terminology

We here at FAB have strived to provide the Aussie cannabis community with a compendium of the cannabis-related words often used in Australia, both...

Getting On: AU vs EU

Canna-Cruise: "Getting on..." If you're an Aussie - and you haven't been living under a rock - you're probably fairly familiar with this phrase. In...

Zen and the Art of Deep Water Culture

So... I decided that I wanted to grow cannabis. It had re-entered my world after an extended break (more on that another time...), and buying...

Therapeutic Plants: Cannabis as a Relief for Chronic Pain

Plant Medicines Cannabis has proven itself as a powerful therapeutic herb, with many applications and uses having been discovered by human beings all across the...

Weed: Australia’s Favourite ‘Side Hustle’

Regular People in Dark Markets Here's a (hopefully) uncontroversial statement: the Australian Government and its laws prohibiting the production and consumption of cannabis are long dead relics...

‘High As Mike’: Film Review

It was Monday, the 13th of May. A Monday like any other. I went with Joe LaGrasso to the Balmoral Cineplex to watch a...

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State of the Sesh | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 12

FAB Has 'Big Plans' For 2020! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smk_im0BgpU Now that we're in February, and the new decade has well and truly arrived upon us, the Friendly...