Is the Volcano Hybrid really worth its pricetag?

The Volcano Hybrid, built by the German brand Storz and Bickel, is one of, if not the most expensive dry herb vaporizers on the market today. With such a huge array of different options available now, one really has to wonder if the Volcano Hybrid really is worth the huge pricetag it commands.

The short answer is YES, it is definitely worth the money, and I will delve into a few details to explain how and why it is worth its pricetag.

Firstly, what I consider to be the very most important feature of a dry herb vaporizer, is the quality of the vapor that it produces. I have not found any other brand of dry herb vapes that can extract flavour and medicinal properties from your herb quite like the Volcano Hybrid.

No other company (and there are many many Dry herb vaporizer manufacturers now) has been able to match the quality of the vapor produced by the Volcano Hybrid. Because the user is able to set the vape to an exact temperature, coupled with the unique Hybrid heating (conduction and convection) the Volcano produces vapour that can be inhaled through the Easy Valve balloon, or through the silicone whip, that is fluffy and full of flavor and unmatched by any other vaporizer! No other vaporizers vapor compares in quality, flavour, or thickness, to the vapor from a Volcano Hybrid.

After using the Volcano Hybrid nightly for quite a while now, I’m confident to say that I use far less herb now than when I used much cheaper desktop versions. The extraction process from the Hybrid is definitely far more efficient than other desktops available today, which has definitely saved me a fair bit of money.

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If you are a serious Dry herb vaper, by this I mean you use a dry herb vaporizer more than once a day, you are probably aware of the huge range of vaporizers out today. The prices vary from as little as $90, and go all the way up to $888.88 for the Volcano Hybrid.

And you probably have tried many different vaporizers both portable and desktop, and you would probably be aware of the different qualities in each type of vaporizer. I have tried just about every dry herb vaporizer on the market today, and typically it is safe to say any vaporizer under the $200 price mark, may do the job, and satisfy for a while.

But if you start to use your dry herb vape many times per day, I personally have found the cheaper vapes fall apart very quickly. Either the plastic housings crack under the continuous heat, or the batteries die, or in the desktops, I’ve found that the power cord tends to become a bit of a liability as they get loose easily. I personally spent well over 2k on cheaper dry herb vaporizers, desktop and portable, before I finally bought myself a Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel.

Yes It was a huge outlay at first, but I have been using it every night since, and I have not had one little issue. Every other Desktop vaporizer I’d used daily had developed at least one issue by month2. Not with my Hybrid, just consistent delicious vapor every single time! I’ve heard stories of people who have used the Volcano Classic daily for over 15 years with no problems, and in this regards, Storz and Bickel have absolutely nailed the build quality of the Volcano Hybrid.

All Storz and Bickel vaporizers also come with a 2 year plus one more year upon registration warranty. This means that if you register your new device on the S&B website, you will receive a further 12 month warranty, so you end up with 3 years warranty on the product. S&B are also world renowned for their top notch customer service and warranty claims.

If every other dry herb vaporizer that I had bought had this warranty, then I would never have to buy another vaporizer again, however, as you are probably aware, it is very rare to find a manufacturer that will give such a big manufacturer warranty on electrical products, however, Storz and Bickel give a very generous 3 years on all their products.

As the Volcano Hybrid is designed and built entirely in their own multimillion dollar factory in Tuttlingen Germany, It is safe to say that they are very confident in the quality of their products.



Most people balk when they see the price of the Volcano Hybrid, however, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the price after they have owned and used the Volcano Hybrid. When you sit back and take into account the money I have saved on herb, and vaporizers, and you look at the build quality, the vapor quality, and the warranty provided, it is easy to see that the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel is worth every cent of its pricetag, and should definitely be seen as an investment.

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Joe Lagrasso
Author: Joe Lagrasso

Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.

Joe Lagrasso
Joe Lagrasso
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.
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