10 Ways That Weed is Rolled Across the World


Ten Ways To Roll Your Weed

Ranging from the practical and efficient, to the downright artistic and absurd – the myriad ways in which various cultures roll their joints are as numerous as they are diverse – not to mention entertaining!

We’ve picked our top 10 Ways in Which Weed is Rolled Worldwide.
Let’s get into it – lickity-spliff!

The Tulip [Aka. “Dutch Tulip”]

As its name suggests, The ‘Dutch Tulip’ was invented – and brought to prominence – in Holland. Rolled with a thin stem and tapered off into a massive bud at the end (resembling that of a blooming flower), the Tulip looks exactly as you’d imagine when smoked . . . like a fragrant (re: dank af) flower.

Provides a huge amount of smoke, due to its massive front end.

The Inside Out [Aka. “Backwards Roll or Dutch Roll”]

Favoured most by the Germans and Dutch, but found throughout the rest of Europe as well – the inside out roll – is a prime example of “German engineering” at its finest. Rolled backwards, so as to minimise the amount of paper being smoked, the backwards roll makes for a great party trick – particularly in countries where it is uncommon. For an extra flair – burn off the excess paper and watch as people’s mouths drop (thinking you’ve just engulfed the entire joint in flame).

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Makes for a smoother smoke, even if it is a total pain in the grass to roll.

Apparently this is one of the healthiest ways to roll – as less paper equates to less carcinogens!

The Slavic Cylinder

Something I’ve witnessed once – and never seen again – this joint was MASSIVE. Handed to me at a rave by a Slavic hipster dude, this joint is essentially what happens when four or five small papers are used to make a shotgun-barrel sized spliff – and that spliff is stuck to the end of a magazine cover rolled up to form a cylinder.

Smoked from above, like a chillum – this style of smoking – apparently big in the Slavic countries, provides heroic amounts of smoke . . . made inhalable, and surprisingly smooth, by the ridiculously long and wide filter tip (entire magazine cover). The finished product somewhat resembles that of a flaming dank spy glass.

The Rasta Pasta Filter-tip

Another mysterious and underrated way to smoke (I’ve only seen one person do this). While attending a techno party in Berlin, I was given a hash spliff by a tiny Spanish woman (Maria Pons Garcia). At first I thought she had fashioned the filter out of a plastic straw . . . I even asked her: “Plastic filter?!” and she replied “No, pasta!”.

Using fusilli (corkscrew pasta) instead of a roach, Maria had rolled the perfect joint with perfect airflow. As the smoke travels in a corkscrew fashion – it both cools the vapour and prevents any hot ash from accidentally being swallowed by those partaking.

As an added bonus – the pasta cooks as you smoke – and there’s something particularly satisfying about shattering a joint under your foot when you put it out.

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The Shotgun [Aka. Double Barrel or Shotty Joint]

Two small joints wrapped together to form something that resembles a double barrel shotgun. Hits like one, too.

Believed to have been brought to prominence in the Americas, but the exact history is unknown.

Pinner [Aka. “a joint”]

A thin joint, the kind you’d roll for yourself. Generally – but not always – refers to a long paper joint.

The L [Aka. double paper spliff or L Spliff]

Connecting two small papers into an L shape, allows one to roll a regular sized pinner – or Dutch style – those fat looking spliffs with a cone shaped head, commonly sold in cafes in Amsterdam as a standard pre-rolled.

The Plumber

A normal joint with a line down the middle – for airflow.

Not sure of where this originated… likely America.

The Outback Spectacular [Aka. “3 paper joint”]

I have only seen old-school Aussie blokes roll this way (…not to say it can’t be found elsewhere).

This joint is made by combining three Tally-ho’s together. Two side by side, and one on the end. Allows one to roll fat, thick spliffs – you can fit more herb than in an L Spliff, for instance.

Croatian Inhalation [Aka. “really long tips”]

Merely a variation on the long joint or “pinner”. I once used about 10cm of cardboard to make a huge ‘Cruella De Ville’ style tip. I then had two Croatians come up to me in the club and start speaking Croatian . . . I asked why they thought I was Croatian and was told: “We all roll filter like this in the Zagreb! We never seen nothing like it anywhere else, so we think you must be Croatian!”

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Wrapping up

This brings us, sadly, to the end of our list of wacky ways in which weed is wrought worldwide.

Have we forgotten anything? Have you seen a different approach towards the roach? Drop a line in the comments below and share your unique knowledge of stoner engineering!

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I definitely want to try the outback spectacular before I die and the rasta pasta seems very practical. I wish I’d thought of something like that.