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The Six Best CBD-Dominant Bud Strains

The Best CBD-Dominant Bud Strains Strains (in general) have made a massive splash in cannabis communities across the globe; and how could they not capture...

Why Don’t Aussies Smoke Hash?: An Analysis of Our Cultural Preference...

Why Is Hash So Uncommon Down Under? If you've ever travelled overseas and gone looking for some green, you will have likely come across what's...

10 Ways That Weed is Rolled Across the World

Ten Ways To Roll Your WeedRanging from the practical and efficient, to the downright artistic and absurd - the myriad ways in which various...

‘Bake for your Buck’: Strategies for the Frugal Stoner

Not every stoner is rolling in that boutique strain premier bud. In fact, a lot of Aussies are very much in the opposite camp,...

Aussie Cannabis Laws: Tasmania

Aussie cannabis laws are a mixed bag. While the days of the heavy-handed 'War on Drugs' are (mostly) behind us, we are all still faced...

Cone vs. Bowl Part 6: What Should I Be Paying?

This series has gone into quite a bit of depth, when it comes to where & how to get your weed in the United...

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