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COVID-19 Could Potentially Place Cannabis Smokers At Risk

As the COVID-19 pandemic knocks on our nation's doorstep, public health officials warn us that older adults, as well as those who are/have been...

The US Weed Legalisation Bill: Explained

The US May Be About To Decriminalise Federally On November 20, 2019, the US House Committee approved the most progressive US marijuana legalisation bill in...

Can Hemp Help Save the Bees?

Cannabis Key To Stabilising Bee PopulationsGood news, everyone! It turns out that there are two very important organisms that are proving to work very...

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Impairment Tests Inadequate for Cannabis

Recently, a Californian company claimed to invent the first marijuana breathalyser. The technology has been sought after by law enforcement services for years now. The...

Australia Has Pot-ential to follow Trump’s Lead

Shock Horror To the surprise of perhaps nobody, U.S. President Donald Trump is making worldwide headlines once more. This time, it's not because he's threatening...

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Toking With Chris | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 15

Toke and Travel (Before the COVID-19 Crisis) With Old Mate Chris The fifteenth episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast is a 53-minute sesh with our good friend...