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The Natural Synergy of Biostimulants, Salts and Microbes

Reintroducing Natural Symbiosis to Your Hydroponic Growing Operation 'Natural Biostimulants' vs 'Plant Growth Retardants': "How Do These Treatments Alter Plant Metabolism?" The developmental impact of PGR...

Winky On Growing | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 16

Winky On The FAP! Listen to 'The Friendly Aussie Podcast' Here! @import url("https://embed.pod.link/button.css");In our latest edition of the Friendly Aussie Podcast, we sat down with a...

‘PGR’ Produced by Organised Crime Exploits Low-Income Immigrants

Black Market PGR 'Propped Up' by the Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers In March last year, Coles raised the price of their home-brand milk by 10 cents...

PGR: The Toxic Chemicals in Your Marijuana

When we first published this article (June 25th, 2018), the members of FAB were just doing what they could to compile loose bits of...

Plant Growth Regulators: The Budsman’s Guide (Part 3)

This article is part of series where the Budsman gives his (not so) expert opinion on how to grow your own dank nugs using...