The Portable Electric Grinder That DECIMATES the K-Mart Muzzer! | Chewy G3 Product Review

In our latest FAB product review, we put the all-new Chewy G3 to the test. We wanted to see how it stacked up with the Aussie fan favourites like the GrindeROO OG and the K-mart Muzzer.

Turns out, it performs remarkably well when placed directly against the competition. When compared to manual grinders like the OG, it had the marked benefit of requiring much less human effort – all while offering a very similar consistency and quality. Furthermore, it blew the classic K-Mart Coffee Grinder out of the water in pretty much all respects (except, perhaps, speed).

All things considered, it’s certainly an impressive showing. The Chewy G3 even had a few unique and innovative features of its own… which helped this newcomer to stand out from the rest of the crowd!

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For a deeper dive, we recommend you check out our comprehensive video review – but if you’d prefer a rundown via text, keep reading.

Chewy G3: A FAB Review

Chewy G3 Joints

The New Kid on the Block

If the GrindeROO OG is your classic ‘Nimbin hippie’ boomer – old school, classic, and refuses to die – and the K-Mart Coffee Grinder is your avocado toast-eating stoner millennial – quirky, plugged-in, and slightly annoying – then the Chewy G3 is your vape pen-sporting, New Balance-wearing, Tik Tok-addicted zoomer.

What do we mean by this? Well, for one, the Chewy has a truly contemporary sense of style. Unlike previous generations of grinders, its sensibilities are in vogue.

Fashionably Smart

Cut from the cloth of the Bauhaus movement, the Chewy’s sleek, futuristic design isn’t just for aesthetic ornamentation, but is inherently serving a deeper purpose – that is, to maximise the device’s overall functionality.

Every last detail offers the user additional utility – often in ways that are wholly unique to this device. The cap of the Chewy G3 doubles as a screwdriver, which can also be attached to the front of the device via inbuilt magnets.

The hole for the cap can be removed for a straight-forward ejection of the ground-up plant material… or, if you have the deluxe kit, you can choose to attach a series of tubes designed for holding chop and filling pre-rolled joints.

Contained within the deluxe kit

The transparent window door opens to the chamber, where you place your plant material.

Once closed, this door also allows you to observe the chamber as your buds are pushed via spring lock into the device’s rotary blades.

Chewy G3 Matte Black

Even the Matte Black finish of the device reinforces usability by eliminating the aesthetic impact of greasy fingerprints that occurs with most glossy surfaces.

All of these little details are intentional choices that elevate the device into expressing a coherent design language.

Together, they reinforce the feeling that the Chewy G3 deserves a place among the latest tech gadgets from Silicon Valley.

Accessibility is the Ultimate Aim

We have to praise the Chewy G3 for the way it brings people into the fold by making it easier than ever to chop up their buds.

Where using a manual grinder may prove impossible for folks with arthritis, low dexterity in their hands, or other handicaps, this grinder offers many of these people the opportunity to self-administer their medicinal cannabis.

Here at FAB, we are massive proponents of making cannabis as accessible as it can be for as many people as possible – which is why we consider this one of the Chewy G3’s killer features.

Longevity of the Battery








Pricing, Rating and Wrapping Up

All in all, the Chewy G3 is a small yet innovative unit that packs a massive punch. Its solid material build quality gives its users peace of mind when it comes to its overall durability, its portable form factor allows you to carry it in your pocket, and its battery-powered electric motors mean you can practically use it anywhere. The device itself is also relatively discreet, although the noise of the rotors will give away your location – so be careful.

Chewy G3 Outdoors

We recommend this device for joint smokers and vape users, along with medicinal patients and anyone else who struggles to chop up using a manual grinder.

However, the Chewy G3 does stand out in another way – its price point. With the Deluxe Kit (including attachments/tubes) starting at AUD $149, and the standalone device at $129, it’s more expensive than other offerings… though we can say with confidence that you are getting what you pay for.

It’s certainly better than the sub-$20 K-mart Muzzer… and in general, this device includes certain unique features that might just win you over – if, indeed, you see the value in them.

We can see ourselves trying this out as a daily driver (at least for a while), which is why we have to give the Chewy G3 an 8.5/10.


Thanks to The Bong Shop for giving FAB a Chewy G3 and helping us make this review happen! You can check the Chewy G3 out at their store.

If you really like the look of this grinder, you’re in luck! Courtesy of our friends at The Bong Shop, you can now get 10% off when you purchase the Chewy G3! Simply use the coupon ‘fab-chewy’ at checkout to redeem this discount.


In honour of our amazing community, we’ve teamed up with The Bong Shop to give one lucky reader the chance to win the ULTIMATE electric grinder!

It’s a simple, three-step process to enter the promotional draw and create your chance to win the CHEWY G3 DELUXE KIT:

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You better chop-chop… because the winner will be drawn on the 20th of November, 2022!

Thanks to The Bong Shop for giving FAB a Chewy and helping us make this video review happen!
Joe Lagrasso
Author: Joe Lagrasso

Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.

Joe Lagrasso
Joe Lagrasso
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.
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