Shameless Plug: The Green Box, a monthly crate o’ stuff from $10

Welcome to the first-ever Shameless Plug, our unpaid product spotlight! Every week we choose an Aussie startup or small business from our email inbox, and plug their website for free in under a thousand words. Sometimes we will accept a sample of the product in order to review it. For the inaugural episode, we proudly present: The Green Box!

No, it’s not Half Life 3. The Green Box is a monthly service that delivers various smoking supplies straight to your door. The key point here is value: there are three tiers, all of which save you a significant percentage compared to the RRP of its contents. If you have group sessions regularly and are a fan of things like blunt wraps, premium rolling papers, grinders, pre-rolls and so on, it’s genuinely a great deal. I’d say you save approximately 30-40% compared to the RRP.

Oh, and they do free shipping. Love it!

What’s Inside?

There are three boxes:

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The Bush Box

Billed as a smoker’s survivor kit, the Bush Box is $10 and comes with everything you need for a solid sesh; blunt wraps, premium papers, a lighter, and so on. Great for a party or for the casual smoker.

The OG Kush Box

For $45, the OG Kush Box has a lot more bang for your buck. It sports the same-but-more items as the Bush Box, but with some important additions: pre-rolled blunts, and up to 3 mystery items. This includes a hand device (grinder, rolling machine, etc.) and “small accessories”, which could really be anything.

The Master Kush Box

Here’s where it gets wild. Described as leaving customers delighted with a range of exclusive and sophisticated smoking products, the Master Kush box is for Lords of the Sesh. Containing a multitude of products always worth over $100 at RRP, for $60 this box is a steal. While the supplies & 5-7 mystery items are a steal, the real attraction is the mystery water device. You know what that means, people! If you crave variety, or if you’re just clumsy like me, the water device is the star of the collection here.

The Verdict

We chose to plug The Green Box because it’s both a good deal and an important precedent. Successful businesses built around cannabis culture serve to demonstrate to legislators the potential economic benefits of legalisation.

The only caveat I would offer: if you are a hardcore vape purist or edibles-only kind of person, there isn’t much for you here. Anyone who likes joints, pipes, or water devices should get onboard, though. As long as you smoke regularly, you will simply be saving money with this subscription.

Head to to get started.
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Get Plugged

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Author: Dave

Proud alumnus of a long, strange life, as well as the University of Queensland. Amateur filmmaker, writer, and poker player. Still alive.

Proud alumnus of a long, strange life, as well as the University of Queensland. Amateur filmmaker, writer, and poker player. Still alive.
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