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Growing Indoors With Coco Coir

Check out our masterpost for Growing Cannabis Indoors in Australia! Growing with Coco Coir — Indoors — in a 4x2ft Tent Friendly Aussie Buds are using 2x5gal (7.5x19L) smart pots. Coco...

The Best Soil Mediums For Growing Cannabis Indoors in Australia

This article is part of a series. You can catch the rest of FAB's Indoor Grow Guide at the link below! Down to Earth Crucial to growing...

Plant Growth Regulators: The Budsman’s Guide (Part 3)

This article is part of series where the Budsman gives his (not so) expert opinion on how to grow your own dank nugs using...

The Budsman’s Guide to Growing With Coco (Part 1)

Budsman's Guide to Growing Okay Stuff (Sometimes) * ** Disclaimer: The budsman does not claim to be qualified, or even have any real skill at...