How To Clean Your Bong Like a Pro

Clean Your Bong Like a Pro! In Australia, where bongs outnumber vapes and joints 420:1 - there's always that one stoner mate who simply refuses...

How To Get ‘The Most’ Out of Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Have you tried and tried interminably to achieve those dense, flavoursome vape clouds with your dry herb vaporizer - but to no avail? If...

10 Ways to Prevent Bong Lung

How to Know if You've Got the 'Bong Lung' Now, we all know what it's like when you rely on your trusty bong a little...

‘Beef Your Kief’: How To Get the Most Out of Your Hash Stash

Good Kief. Ahhhhhh: the fluffy gold... that beautiful, crispy, dusty flower pollen left in the bottom of your grinder or chop tin. The nectar of...

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Getting Medicinal With PlantMed’s Dr. John Teh | The Friendly Aussie...

Dr. John Teh from the Brisbane-based Medicinal Cannabis Clinic 'PlantMed' sat down with us to chat about prescribing to patients and working within the exciting field of treatment with cannabis medicine.