Applied Cannabis Research

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    Accelerate your medicinal cannabis clinical development program. From project management through to clinical trial monitoring, management and patient recruitment, we’re Australia’s leading contract research organization in the medicinal cannabis sector.

    Medicinal Cannabis Research needs a different approach. Intellectual property positions are different. Budgets are smaller. Timescales are shorter. Regulatory pathways are newly established and more complex. Product companies undertaking research in the Medicinal Cannabis sector need a different research partner. A partner with hands-on experience in the sector; direct access to the largest patient pool in the country; multiple treatment sites in every state; data collection platforms that are compliant, and tailored to the medicinal cannabis sector.

    Applied Cannabis Research is dedicated to assisting medicinal cannabis companies with the development of their products with a single, unified vision: the faster the clinical development stage is accomplished the quicker medicinal cannabis treatments reach those who need them – the patients