Aqua Gardening

Aqua Gardening
Aqua Gardening
4 Billabong Street, Stafford, QLD 4053, Australia

Aqua Gardening is Australia’s leading experts in hydroponics, aquaponics and ponds. Join our loyalty program to gain exclusive access to our large video knowledge base that can’t be found anywhere else in Australia. For fast delivery on a wide range of products Australia wide, shop online with Aqua Gardening today.

Our Team

Aqua Gardening is based in Brisbane. It has been a proud family owned and operated business since 1994. Aqua Gardening is the biggest store of it’s kind in Queensland, and we carry a large quantity of stock to ensure the item you want is always available. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team are ready to provide you with the best advice possible.

Live Displays

Interested in introducing an aqua garden to your home but unsure where to start? Stop by our Brisbane store and check out our collection of live displays. Our friendly team will provide you with guidance and inspiration on how to use this amazing form of gardening easily in your space.

Contact Information
4 Billabong Street, Stafford, QLD 4053
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