‘Sex On The Grass’: Cannabis and Making Love

Cannabis holds a long-standing reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. Surely, it’s obvious that smoking dope can be sexy – but why is it so sexy?!

As a publication, Friendly Aussie Buds is always keen to de-weed fact from fiction. With horizons cloudy and answers up in smoke (not only due to the weed, but also thanks to the haze of the bushfires), we set out to uncover the complex inter-relationship between dope and sex. Hitting the streets for this sex-plosive exposé, we gathered your takes on cannabis as a sacred aphrodisiac, to help us explore the cultural mythology of marijuana and making love.

Going Down in Spliff-story

Human beings possess the biological function of reproduction through certain forms of sexual intercourse. This ensures our continued species survival through space and time on this earthly plane. Hardly revelatory. Here’s something you may not have considered, however – is it ‘human nature’ to get “hella turnt” before the act of intercourse? History, religion, science and folk-common sense all say yes… in spite of the potential blurring of consent lines as adults get increasingly inebriated.

Is this propensity of ‘turning up’ on weed before ‘turning on’ merely a social phenomenon – or does cannabis possess inherent benefits to human sexual drive? It’s not that far fetched of a concept… after all, weed is known to contain medicinal properties, and we already know how it can increase sensory stimulation and pleasure when consumed. So, what is the link between twot and pot, really?

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The earliest practitioners of tantric sex in Ancient India most certainly recognised cannabis as an important sacrament in combination with copulation – indeed, they interpreted many higher spiritual implications to the use of the body’s sexual energy. It was common in these ancient cultures to consume psychoactive doses of THC by drinking bhang – a beverage made by blending marijuana, milk, nuts, and spices.

Even today, we can observe the ways in which these two rituals overlap. Just think of any adult shop – you’re bound to find products that appeal to both markets in the same store. Speaking of the devil… if you’re in a general need of adult products and other assorted aphrodisiacs for *reasons*, be sure to visit theadultshop.com.au and use our discount code ‘FAB20’ – you’ll receive a 20% discount off your order!

Having some grasp of the past of grass, our next impulse was to refer to the rigour of SCIENCE! A number of clinical studies have been conducted over the last decades, with the aim of establishing some consensus as to how marijuana affects sex. These are some of the ‘official scientific findings’:

Cannabis and Sex Drive – What ‘Science’ Had To Say

The verdict is still out as to whether cannabis increases or decreases sex drive across the board. Preliminary research conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that around “a third of women in the US have used cannabis before sex”, and that “those who do, say they experienced increased desire and better orgasms.”

Jordan Tishler, M.D. suggests that the link between libido and cannabis consumption may not be so straightforward.

“A lot of the understanding that needs to go into a discussion around cannabis and sexuality has less to do with cannabis and more to do with sexuality.”

– Jordan Tishler

Another study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine – entitled “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study” – gathered trends from 2002 to now, surveying and correlating data from 28,176 women and 22,943 men.

Their conclusion? The researchers found a positive association between cannabis use and sexual frequency in both men and women, across all demographic groups.

Although these initial studies are insightful and reassuring, the effects of cannabis use on sexual function warrant further and deeper study. Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of research on this topic, with very little data recorded before the turn of the century.

With this realisation, we got fed up with clipboards and journal articles and pocket protectors (fucking nerds!) – we were done with academia. Exiting the interwebs and hitting the streets of Bris-Vegas, we sought the real, dirty, underground truth of the matter. We asked YOU about YOUR experiences with weed and sex!

Weed As An Aphrodisiac – What The People Had To Say

We interviewed a number of Australians (along with some foreigners and tourists) on their experiences with using cannabis as an aphrodisiac during sex. This is what they had to say:

Anonymous Couple [Australian] Man : I find that it makes the act of sex feel better, like I but harder and it feels more detailed, but it diminishes my sex drive significantly if I smoke it well in advance of sex. Like if I was smoking for like a couple hours I probably won’t want to have sex, or I’ll get distracted by something else.

Woman : In my opinion, weed kills my sex drive. I can enjoy it if I want to do it before I get high; but if not, I can get too ‘in my head’ – over-thinking everything. The physical sensations can be weird and I think too much. When we smoked everyday – about a halfie every fortnight – we were rarely in the mood. I prefer sex sober, but I also generally prefer being sober these days. One of my friends only smokes weed before her and her partner have sex – they reckon it makes it feel more intense.

Anonymous Woman (Closely Associated With FAB) : Generally speaking, you are more relaxed and lubricated. The feelings are more intense and heightened; and if you love them [the partner] it’s a beautiful experience [sic] . . . because you’re relaxed, you are naturally more lubricated.

Georgia: I’ve heard a lot about the elusive “internal orgasm”; and after many years of trying, it always escaped me. I resigned myself to believing that I was one of the many many girls out there who just couldn’t achieve an internal orgasm. I’m not really a cannabis smoker and don’t have much experience with it. Recently, however, I smoked with my new boyfriend – and as the night progressed, and we fell into bed, I felt so much more connected with my partner than I ever have before. Physically, I was a lot more relaxed and aware of what my body was feeling. Occupying this mindset of existing on the same “wavelength” with my partner was so satisfying – not to mention being able to let my mind relax… Ultimately, we did it! It was completely by accident (and not what I was expecting). Sex on cannabis helped me ease my mind and body when it came to common anxieties I had around sex. 10/10 Would Recommend. I was able to reach that climax for the first time in my life. It’s all about the experience and connection with your partner, my advice is to enjoy the ride.

Anonymous Man [German] : She smoked it first time. She fucked like hell. Was really good 😉

Holly R. : Uh I smoke daily… so yes [but] because it’s such a regular thing, I’m not sure what I’d say! Hahaha.

Matt W. : LOL – that’s the only way – [but] from experience smoking weed can have different effects randomly. [The] majority of the time it increases the orgasm – but sometimes it can have negative effects; like: not been able to get hard, or keep it hard . . . and it can make cumming take a long time, as you tend to get distracted or not able to cum at all.

Anthony S. : Yeah – oral sex with a bag of nacho cheese Doritos.

Don Jackíe van Russki [Bisexual Russian Male] : Sometimes it’s great, but usually it makes me lazy as fuck. [For instance, I] Hate being with girls when I’m stoned. Too much work. Just wanna lay back and get fucked by some hottie. Too much weed makes me lazy and gay.

Paul R. A bong hit before bedtime of some nice Sativa and here we go 🙂 One of the best sex drugs!

The Effects of Marijuana And Sex – What FAB Had To Say

It’s now clear to us that most people have a unique response to act of getting dank and dirty. The experiences are as wild and multifarious as you could imagine, and our testimonials from the public are just a taste of that diversity.

In this regard, our interviews anecdotally mirrored many of the scientific findings we explored – the majority of people we talked to were noting positive experiences during high sex.

One’s own attitude towards cannabis experiences is completely unique to your own body and mind – as with sexual experiences. Pot can act as a sexual depressant, or as an intense aphrodisiac. It can reduce sex drive, just as much as it can increase it. Ultimately, the effect is highly context-dependent. It will be necessary for you to experiment if you want to figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Personally? We here at FAB reckon that weed and sex are a dope combo. I mean, let’s take a look at the Hindu deity Shiva – he is considered the God of both the male erection and ganja. One of the earliest examples of human cultures articulating the shared vibes of herb, hash and hubba-hubba.

A guru smokes hash in a chillum, a “Shiva puja” (offering to Shiva).

In the modern era, with so much information found online, we can say that cannabis and sex are a winning combo! If you don’t believe us, google!

Did we miss something? Got some firsthand experience with smoke grass and grab ass? Drop a comment!

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4 years ago

Great read! Context is definitely a factor, but, for me, I find that I can go can WAY longer and orgasms are WAY more intense.

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