FCK PGR Shirts Are Now Available on Our New Store!

FCK PGR Shirts Are Now Available!

In October 2019, Friendly Aussie Buds hit up the Brisbane Hemp, Health and Innovation Expo, spreading the word of harm minimisation and cannabis legalisation. We turned up to the event with hundreds of little stickers. These stickers had ‘FCK PGR’ written on them in a ‘RUN DMC’ style.

We were hopeful that they would be a smash hit, but were simply not prepared for the response… we ran out of those stickers in a matter of hours, and had to buy more just to keep up with demand! Later, we found the ‘FCK PGR’ stickers all over South East Queensland, and had multiple people ask if we sold any shirts with the design…

At the time, we hadn’t even considered it! And so, by popular demand, the ‘FCK PGR’ shirt was born. You wanted this, Australian cannabis community – now, you can get it!

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Launching The FAB Store!

Friendly Aussie Buds has relaunched its online store, with a sleek new look! We’ve been quietly working away on this one for months, and now… it’s finally here. We’re so excited to be delivering our followers and friends with an all-new selection of dope-ass, dank-ass, bomb-ass products, along with a clean, navigable interface.

Proceeds from our store will help us financially support the young writers, content creators and artists that work for Friendly Aussie Buds. If you appreciate what we do everyday and want to see us continue, the best way to help out is to buy one of our products from us.

Our store can now be found on its own dedicated domain: store.friendlyaussiebuds.com

Bushfire Relief

We at FAB recognise that our store is (re-)launching at a time where many communities in Australia have been directly impacted from the disastrous bushfires. It is a time of collective grief for the people of this land. We feel this grief ourselves, and want to bring some support to those on the frontlines in what we do.

That’s why $5 from every T-Shirt sale on our website will go to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Our Story

Friendly Aussie Buds was established in 2018, when our founder Josip (Joe Lagrasso) discovered the true dangers of cannabis grown with PGR’s, or “Plant Growth Regulators“. Joe teamed up with Mitch to put together an article to reduce harm and help the community identify cannabis grown with PGR. That article has amassed over 140,000 reads in just over a year. From the success of this article, Australia’s Leading Cannabis Publication was born; and we’ve been writing about the Australian cannabis scene ever since.

FAB has since transformed into an online space for Australian cannabis enthusiasts to unite around a common cause and share information. Our focus is on education, entertainment and events, with the aims of furthering the cause of legalisation and minimising harm. We believe in a health positive approach to using cannabis, and strongly advocate for its medicinal and recreational benefits.

Friendly Aussie Buds has big plans for the future, and your support will go a long way in helping us achieve our mission.

Joe Lagrasso
Author: Joe Lagrasso

Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.

Joe Lagrasso
Joe Lagrassohttps://friendlyaussiebuds.com
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.


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Caviar Gold
4 years ago

That shirt move rocks!!

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