5 Smoke-Free Cannabis Products You Can Expect With Legalisation

Smoking plain ol’ buds is slowly becoming a thing of the past in places where cannabis legalisation has happened. Entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways for people to use and consume cannabis. From disposable vape oil pens to THC-infused lube,  new cannabis products are being released each day. What products could we see in Australia? Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Transdermal Patches

Mary’s Medicals are early cannabis innovators out of Colorado whose award-winning patches have become incredibly popular. They deliver accurate dosing of THC, CBD and CBN. As a result, much like nicotine patches, they give a small, slow-release dose throughout the day and are extremely effective. Applying a patch offers a moderate amount of relief for an entire day or night. CBD patches offer fantastic pain relief and allow for accurate dosing.

2. Bath Soak by Whoopi & Maya

Remember Whoopi Goldberg? When she’s not acting, she’s also a cannabis activist and a ganjapreneur! When she teamed up with Maya Elisabeth they formed Whoopi & Maya, creating a unique range of cannabis-infused products from a bath soaks to body rubs. Their bath soak contains Epsom Salts, which are capable of providing incredible health benefits for the body. Combining Epsom salts with cannabis, skin nourishing oils and therapeutic grade essential oils makes these effects even more powerful. When the salts enter the bloodstream through the colon they have a fast uptake which helps treat common mineral deficiencies. The magnesium in the salts helps repair muscle damage and nerve function, and promote healthy joints and skin.

Soak by Whoopi & Maya contains 25mg of THC and costs $15 in the United States. Soak comes in three fragrances: lavender, amber woods, and fragrance-free. Many users find fast relief from aches, pains, and cramps in Soak.

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Cannabis Lavender Soak

3. Subtle Tea by VCC Brands

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea? We have recognised the therapeutic effects of tea for millennia. Subtle Tea has a variety of teas that are infused with THC and CBD to a 1:1 ratio which produces incredible therapeutic effects. CBD is a natural way to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety. Throw in some lemon, ginger and turmeric for lots of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. These will help with stress and the immune system, as well as improve digestion and blood circulation. Finally (and best of all), there’s no caffeine!

4. Hemp & CBD Acne Skin Cream

HempGenix has created an anti-aging, acne-fighting skin cream that contains CBD. Consequently, the cream has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD inhibits the lipid (fat) production in skin cells, therefore making it an effective preventative for acne. Great at fighting wrinkles, giving the body more Vitamin C and keeping the skin soft and smooth. This could have completely changed my life in high school.

5. Foria Pleasure

Finally, it’s time for something a little naughty. Foria Pleasure is a natural lubricant made from coconut and cannabis oil. Harnessing the natural properties of THC, Foria promotes relaxation and increase blood flow, thereby creating a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac”. Some women report awakened arousal and heightened sensation making orgasms easier to attain and more intense. Others describe it as a great natural lubricant that reduces pain and tension.

Foria Image

There are many more innovative cannabis products launching daily. It’s a shame that Australia is falling behind in this industry — hopefully, legalisation will come soon enough to create some of our own unique cannabis products.

Joe Lagrassohttps://friendlyaussiebuds.com
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.


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