Hustling With the Craze Collective | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 6


This episode, we’re joined by Miguel and Alec from the Craze Co., as well as Willy from Ballin’ On A Budget! The Craze Collective are a crew of creative cannabis enthusiasts whose unique activations in public spaces have caught the attention of the media and general public, year after year. These guys are successful entertainers and entrepreneurs in the industry; so, it really was an honour to have them in our studio.

While Willy recites the gospel of the hustle, we sit down to discuss how the Australian cannabis community can act to make legalisation a reality. We talk Brisbane and the recent Hemp Expo, and the culture developing in Australia. We shed light on the ‘Who Are We Hurting’ Campaign; and together, we plan to set our sights on the big one – 420 2020, in April next year.

Strap yourselves in – at an hour and change, this discussion is our longest, juiciest and most contentious yet!

The Craze Collective acted as the in-house photography and film crew at the Brisbane Hemp, Health and Innovation Expo, back in early October. We’d like to thank them for helping us out with our videos and at our stall, and being so professional.

You can check out the Craze Collective’s website here:

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