Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia

    Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia
    Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia
    PO Box R1826, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225, Australia

    The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) represents stakeholders and members to build a professional industry that is credible, legitimate and recognisable for the domestic and international Australian medicinal cannabis sector.

    They focus on building an industry that improves well-being by facilitating access to quality Australian medicinal cannabis products for both Australian and global patients.

    With the Australian industry and its products built on sound science and stringent industry processes and standards, patients, medical care providers and governments can trust in the sector and its products, services and information.

    MCIA takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the industry grows economically and sustainably. Their goal is to enable access to quality Australian products for patients in Australia and all over the world, fostering trust and value in the industry’s social and economic contribution.

    They represent the Australian medicinal cannabis industry both locally and internationally. Membership with them brings effective representation to an organisation, while the organisation becomes a part of a legitimate, trusted industry group.

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    PO Box R1826, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225
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