Medical Cannabis Council

Medical Cannabis Council
Medical Cannabis Council
6 Matong D, Ocean Shores, New South Wales 2483, Australia

Founded in 2017, The Medical Cannabis Council (MCC) has been Australia’s peak national industry association representing more than 100 member organisations including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, ancillary organisations, researchers, educators, not-for-profit advocacy groups and more. It is a respected voice of this burgeoning industry, with member companies ranging from large multinationals to Australian start-ups.

In May 2020, The Medical Cannabis Council joined forces with the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA). MCC and MCIA believe that this collaboration will enable the sector to more effectively shape and build an industry that enhances wellbeing and which is built on sound science and is underpinned by industry processes that deliver confidence. While still in a formative stage, the Australian medicinal cannabis industry is expected to see some major developments over the next couple of years with the licensed sector having significant production and manufacturing capacity coming online that will see patients being able to access Australian quality product in a timely and affordable manner, increased information available for doctors and patients, and growth of export activities.

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6 Matong D, Ocean Shores, New South Wales 2483
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