Incannex Healthcare

Incannex Healthcare
Incannex Healthcare
525 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC , Australia

Incannex Healthcare Limited (IHL.ASX) is an innovator and developer of medicinal cannabinoid pharmaceutical products with global export capability.

IHL is currently undertaking 4 significant clinical programs to develop 4 uniquely formulated products in its relentless pursuit of FDA registration and market exclusivity over the following indications:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (‘OSA’)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (‘TBI’)/Concussion
  • Sepsis Associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (‘SAARDS’)
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (‘TMJD’).

Unique cannabinoid-based products targeting major unmet markets

Incannex has established first-in-class, innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical therapies. Products and clinical programs have been designed to be consistent with the following ideals:

  • There is an established body of research evidence validating hypothesis for cannabinoids being efficacious in the chosen therapeutic areas
  • No current registered pharmacotherapy (drug) options are available in the patient market to compete with IHL’s four candidates
  • Strong patent opportunities and total addressable market of each therapeutic area exceeds $1 billion dollars per annum
  • Registered medications discovered may be eligible for public subsidies (e.g. PBS in Australia, Medicare, and Medicaid in the USA)
  • Accelerated commercialisation pathways remain available, including the FDA 505b(2) new drug application for product registration and market exclusivity
  • Early pre-registration sales opportunities exist under opening global medicinal cannabis access programs, including the Australian Special Access Scheme for Medicinal Cannabis.
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