Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) is a biotechnology company that produces and distributes hemp derived products like cannabinoid oil, nutraceuticals, hemp derived food and hemp textiles to the United States and Australia. They are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, delivering premium quality, safe and compliant products to customers around the world through innovative business.

Ecofibre focuses on a long-term sustainable business model, partnering with industry leaders to explore and develop new applications for hemp in the nutraceutical, industrial and consumer products industries. Through their subsidiary Ananda Food, they produce food-grade hemp seed oil, protein and hemp seeds grown from industrial hemp crops in Tasmania. Their hemp is grown and produced entirely in Australia, providing all-natural, high-quality protein and essential fatty acids in the form of quality hemp crops.

Meanwhile, Ecofibre services the American market through one of their subsidiaries, Ananda Hemp. They work with Kentucky farmers to create robust, sustainable outdoor crops that are then processed into nutraceutical products and nutritional supplements. They also sell an exclusive line of hemp-based products through a different brand, Ananda Professional. Made from the hemp flower to maximise the full spectrum benefits that cannabinoids provide; these products are only available through independent pharmacies.

Ecofibre also works with new technology in hemp textiles and materials under their brand Hemp Black, creating sustainable, smart and functional performance apparel, footwear and fashion. They can be reached through their social media or their subsidiaries for any enquiries.

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