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    Delta Tetra was founded in early 2016 with the view to provide turn-key project management services to a developing Australian medical cannabis industry.Delta Tetra has built a complex network of medical cannabis professionals and supporting companies to offer seed-to-sale project management solutions to individual entrepreneurs and companies alike.Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has attracted businesses and individual entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and expertise. If you are currently considering whether to enter the cannabis industry, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Delta Tetra Consultancy is an excellent place to start for those looking for an insight into the potential of the emerging Medical Cannabis industry.Delta Tetra has contributed, to the general education around health benefits of medical cannabis oil to applicable patient groups through public forums such as social media and parliamentary debates.With this long-standing practical and hands-on experience of the medical cannabis industry and an extensive network of partners it is possible for Delta to add unique and significant benefit to any project, no matter how small or how large.

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