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New study shows: cannaQIX® reduces stress

Creso Pharma shows significant reduction of stress with cannaQIX® in a recently completed open label observational prospective study

  • Successful completion of an open label prospective observational study with 25 subjects, in which stress reduction and other potential benefits were tested with cannaQIX® in the PARAMED clinic in Switzerland

  • The 12-month study program started in January 2019 – cannaQIX® usage was measured over two and four weeks

  • The study shows a statistically significant reduction in stress levels using the validated PSS instrument (Perceived Stress Scale)

Creso Pharma Limited (ASX: CPH) is pleased to announce that a prospective observational study has been successfully completed between January and December 2019. This study investigated the effect of cannaQIX® on stress and pain using two validated instruments in 25 subjects over 2 and 4 weeks. A statistically significant reduction in the stress level using PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) was demonstrated. The study also shows a statistically significant reduction in the use of stress medication.

There was also a trend in the reduction of pain via P-FIBS (Pain, Frequency Intensity Burden Scale) but it did not reach statistical significance.


Stress reduction strengthens the immune system

The unique formulation of cannaQIX® is based on hemp oil and supporting vitamins such as vitamins C, B3, B6, B12 and zinc. Providing effective support to reduce stress levels, especially in times of crisis, shows the most important advantages cannaQIX® can offer people in stressful situations. It is also known and clinically proven that stress reduction supports the immune system.

As mentioned in the publication by Dhabar et al., Neuroimmodulation, June 2009: “Stress is known to suppress immune function and increase susceptibility to infections and cancer. Chronic or long-term stress can suppress immunity by reducing the number and function of the immune cells and / or increasing the active immunosuppressive mechanisms (e.g. regulatory T cells). ” (Neuroimmune modulation. 2009; 16 (5): 300-17. doi: 10.1159 / 000216188. Epub 2009 Jun 29).

cannaQIX® is sold in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland promoted by Doetsch Grether and in UK with Pharmacare, Boots, Holland & Barrett as well as online, and in Australia and New Zealand on prescription.

Dr. Simon Feldhaus added: “This first study with cannaQIX®, a natural hemp-based dietary supplement, has shown that it can offer significant benefits to users suffering from stress. We consider this study an interesting milestone for the successful use of hemp oil products to reduce stress.“

The study will be published and made available to medical professionals.

The Opportunity:

As knowledge of the benefits of cannabis and low THC hemp has expanded, so has demand. Coupled with a worldwide wave of changes in regulation, the market is estimated to grow to $31 billion dollars within 3 years (Brightfield Report cited in Financial Post).

Cannabis and hemp contain over 110 different compounds known as cannabinoids, as well as essential oils called terpenes. Products containing cannabinoids and terpenes have broad therapeutic and lifestyle applications through their interactions with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Plant-based cannabinoids assist the human endocannabinoid system in its role of maintaining balance, or homeostasis throughout the body. Cannabinoid based therapies have been shown to assist with a wide range of symptoms for pain, anxiety, metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

Why Creso Pharma Limited (ASX:CPH) is best positioned for success:

From the outset, Creso’s goal has been to become the world’s most trusted supplier of cannabis and hemp derived products. The company’s experienced pharmaceutical leadership team have an unparalleled track record of success commercializing a wide range of pharmaceutical and therapeutic solutions.

Creso can deliver products with standardized dosing and formulations through the application of pharmaceutical rigor, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards when appropriate and proprietary, innovative delivery technologies.

As a global company, Creso is not limited by any single market. This enables Creso to offer a diverse portfolio of solutions to the widest possible population.

By partnering with leading global companies in critical areas of research and product development, manufacturing and distribution, Creso has been able to accelerate the development and distribution of approved products allowing for broad access by patients and consumers.

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