COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Fran From Fran’s Hydroponics

Brisbane’s Matriarch of Hydroponic Growing

Fran’s Hydroponics has become one of the most trusted names in hydroponics and indoor growing throughout Brisbane and across the nation… but how did this precipitate? How did her Brisbane hydroponics store undergo the rapid rise to pole position of plant growth?

Safe to say, it’s been a long ride. This is the story of one of Brisbane’s unsung icons. This is the story of Fran.

Fran Burgess established her first Brisbane storefront in 1998 with her then-partner. They began trading under the name SA Hydroponics; after all, the purpose of the store was to introduce South Australian hydroponic growing techniques to the untapped prospects of Queensland. At the time, Queenslanders lacked the equipment, tools, and know-how to compete with southern states.

A photo of the original SA Hydroponics store.

The original ‘SA Hydroponics’ building is a heritage staple of Greater Brisbane; it even carries the high honour of being included in the North Pine Historical Gallery!

Ultimately, this first store contributed significantly to the Brisbane hydro scene… all while filling up a longstanding gap in the local hydroponics marketplace.

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Fran’s business has evolved significantly throughout the years. She has tirelessly shaped, re-shaped and refined her vision of the store; even moving its physical location into a new home. What is now known to Brisbane locals as Fran’s Hydroponics is a result of that 23-year evolution – all in the pursuit of providing better services, supplies and systems for her customers.

Today, the Fran’s Hydroponics team consists of Otis, Tim, Steve G and Steve B. Each of Fran’s team members are hydro specialists. Trained in their field of expertise, they’re passionate about everything hydroponics… and are eager to serve customers and provide recommendations using their professional skills.

The Storefront

Inside of Fran’s hydroponic shop.

You can visit Fran and her team at the Trade Centre in Kallangur, where you’ll find the modern-day Fran’s Hydroponics store! They’re definitely worth a visit, as one of the leading Australian Hydroponics stores.

Unit 1/1191 Anzac Ave
QLD 4503

The Woman Behind the Hydro Shop

Fran Burgess, pictured.

As its namesake, Fran Burgess has been the backbone of the business for over 23 years. She is deeply devoted to her customers and takes great pride in the dedication that she and her team displays. She’s been on one hell of a journey!

Initially, when the business was named SA Hydroponics, Fran acted as the store manager… but she was running into a big problem. She had next to no idea about what hydroponics was, or how it worked! Luckily, after lots of researching and reading books such as ‘Integral Hydroponics’, Fran gradually transformed herself into a walking hydro encyclopedia.

The 1998 launch of SA Hydroponics was met with some resistance… their focus on techniques of growing which were popularised in the South Australian scene were not favoured, at first. The growing community up in Queensland, which relied on more traditional means of hydroponics, proved to be suspicious of these new techniques.

Observing that the Queensland market wasn’t taking to the newer interstate growing techniques, Fran sought to address this setback in her business. She made big changes to SA Hydroponics; increasing the variety of products, dishing out what the customers wanted, and most importantly… changing the name of the store. Much better!

The original partnership dissolved in 2003, and new partners took their place. By 2010, the business was solely owned by Fran – making her the first female owner of a Hydroponics store in Australia.

Despite the many challenges she has experienced along the way, Fran sticks militantly to her guns – her adherence to prioritising customer service has made her distinct from her competition. Her passion for hydroponics is clearly on display to her customers, as she strives to make their experience with hydroponics a worthwhile one. Fran goes the ‘extra mile’ to provide expert advice, because she wants to help people who walk into her store achieve the best possible results with their grow.

A key part of Fran’s business strategy includes stocking the latest and greatest in hydroponics. Fran makes sure to stay up to date in the hydroponics scene… meaning the technologies, products, and techniques she employs are second-to-none. She also pleases the old-school growers by making sure to keep the ‘classic’ products and materials in stock.

As a business owner who started from nothing, and a dutiful mother of three beautiful children, Fran is the definition of a true Aussie battler. After all these years, Fran has maintained her drive for running a business in a male-dominated environment… which is no easy task. She’s done this while nurturing and raising her three children; yet another feat of strength. Fran is a living representation of the adage: ‘Hard work pays off’.

Fran’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special!

In celebration of this year’s Black Friday, Fran’s Hydroponics have created Vegepod Starter Packs!

Vegepods are an all-in-one solution for growing in raised garden beds… and with these things, growing your own fresh produce has never been so simple. If you want to get started with your own outdoor vegetable garden, purchasing your own Vegepods could be the beginning of something wonderful!

The Vegepod Starter Pack features a Medium 1m x 1m Vegepod, x1 Large Vegepod Stand, x1 50L Bag of Canna Terra Professional Soil, x1 Bottle of Vegepod Booster, the entire Southern No Till range (Neem Meal, Kelp Meal, Insect Frass, Mycobiome, Aloe Powder, Worm Castings, Insect Frass, Regenerate), x1 25L Bag of Easy As Organics Living Soil, and x1 50L Bag of Professor’s Pure Coco/Perlite Blend!

Buy your Vegepod Starter Pack at the Fran’s Hydroponics store today!

Fran’s Wide Range of Products

Whether you’re a beginner to hydro or a committed enthusiast, Fran’s Hydroponics offers an extensive variety of products that are guaranteed to fit your specific needs. We’re rounding up this community spotlight by highlighting some of the essential items that Fran has to offer.

Grow Tents

Hydroponic Tents for Growing Indoors

Fran’s premium grow tents are designed to provide growers with efficient, controlled spaces in just about any room they could imagine! Fran offers a variety of sizes to fit in even the most compact of spaces.

Popular brands such as Seahawk and Power-House are available on the Fran’s Hydroponics online store.

Grow Lights

Hydroponic Grow Lights

Fran offers an extensive variety of classic lamp setups and kits (including HID, fluorescent and CMH lights), as well as an extensive line-up of state-of-the-art LED setups. Her expertise with all aspects of indoor grow lighting can be profoundly useful for beginner hydroponic growers who are overwhelmed by the various options available.

Fran and her team are here to help you choose the right lights for you, as well as offer the ‘right fit’ for replacement lights/panels! If you can’t make it to the storefront in person, check out Fran’s online guides for selecting hydroponic grow lights!


Hydroponic Ventilation Solutions

When it comes to ventilation, ducting and fans, Fran’s store offers the works. Her myriad fans, intake filters, insulated piping, and climate control systems can kit you out with the necessary tools for managing the climate of your environment.

Fittings and accessories for your setup are also available… eliminating that second trip to Bunnings! It just goes to show that some things in life can be a breeze…


Hydroponic Nutrients

The nutrients on offer at Fran’s Hydroponics are through the roof and out the door… the range really is that extensive! The most trusted brands in the business are available – including Athena, Green Planet and APTUS Plant Tech.

Fran even offers an awesome online guide to some of her favourite nutrients for use in your grow. Check it out for yourself!

Growing Mediums

Hydroponic Growing Mediums

Fran’s range of growing mediums come in a wide array of styles, sure to satisfy growers of all kinds. From living soil to Coco Coir, perlite blends and clay balls, Fran’s got it all. If you’re unsure what medium works best for your purposes, check out Fran’s online guide!

Timers and Controls

Hydroponic Timers and Controls

From simple timer switches to more advanced multi-socket timers, Fran sells various tools that give growers more flexibility… You can literally forget having to turn your lights and equipment on/off!

Hemp Essentials and Supplements

Natural Supplements Hemp Essentials

Looking after your plants to ensure they live healthy lives is one of the most important aspects of hydroponics… and the same thing goes for you and your body, it turns out!

Fran has made the addition of herbal supplements and plant-based remedies to her stock (including hemp products!), giving you the opportunity to stay healthy and make the most of your wellbeing.

Joe Lagrasso
Author: Joe Lagrasso

Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.

Joe Lagrasso
Joe Lagrasso
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.
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