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What The UN Cannabis Reclassification Means For Legalisation in Australia

The United Nations Has Officially Reclassified Cannabis! It's been a hell of a year for cannabis. The plant has managed to make monthly appearances in...

The US Weed Legalisation Bill: Explained

The US May Be About To Decriminalise Federally On November 20, 2019, the US House Committee approved the most progressive US marijuana legalisation bill in...

Can Hemp Help Save the Bees?

Cannabis Key To Stabilising Bee Populations Good news, everyone! It turns out that there are two very important organisms that are proving to work very...

Australia (Still) Stalling on Cannabis Legalisation

Living In Dark Times The recent election result in May has left large, already-marginalised sections of the population in a state of political limbo. The...

Cone vs. Bowl Part 2: Getting High the American Way

You've traveled from Australia to the US. You've learned the laws and the social norms of the different states, and you've bought yourself some bud....

‘Cone vs. Bowl’: The Aussie Stoner’s Guide to the United States

Stoner Culture in the Land of the Free I’ve been living in the United States for six months now. Four months studying in DC, and...