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PGR: The Toxic Chemicals in Your Marijuana

When we first published this article (June 25th, 2018), 'Plant Growth Regulators' were the subject of many a forum thread... we were doing what...

Cone vs. Bowl Part 6: What Should I Be Paying?

This series has gone into quite a bit of depth, when it comes to where & how to get your weed in the United...

Aussie Cannabis Laws: Western Australia

Cannabis laws in Australia are a mixed bag, to say the least. While the days of the heavy-handed 'War on Drugs' are (mostly) behind...

Cone vs. Bowl Part 3: Navigating the CBD Craze

American cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry, projected to grow into the hundreds of billions by 2025. And you better believe the people behind...

Are Dab Pens the Future of Australian Cannabis?

Vapes on the rise Aussie stoners find ourselves at a crossroads - do we side with old-school combustion, or the rapidly-growing world of vapour? It's...

‘Marijuana’: Splitting Heads on Terminology

Splitting Heads Cannabis. Bud. Herb. Ganja, pot, hooch - weed, dank, green. Et cetera, et cetera. There are a diverse range of labels and names often...