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What Are Terpenoids, Exactly?

Well... a terpene is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon, based on combinations of the isoprene unit - produced by myriad plants, including cannabis. Terpenoids are compounds related to...

Bush vs Hydro

You may have heard the terms 'bush' and 'hydro' thrown around if you are a) an Australian and have b) spent any time hanging...

A FAB Guide to Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Australia

Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Australia Spring has sprung, ladies and gentlemen. Which means that we Australians are entering the prime cannabis growing season - between...

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Impairment Tests Inadequate for Cannabis

Recently, a Californian company claimed to invent the first marijuana breathalyser. The technology has been sought after by law enforcement services for years now. The...

Senate Hearing Will Review Federal Cannabis Restrictions

When it comes to Federal drug law reform, there have been very promising signs recently. A single senate hearing may be a little premature...

Cannabinoids: The Compounds Behind Cannabis

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that give cannabis its distinctive effect. In a sense, they are a great deal of the magic behind the...