We got a chance to view the new Spider-Man movie in weed-friendly US theatres. Angus reviews and explores the [level] you should see it at…

Word is travelling fast about the new animated Spider-Man movie. The nerds saw it first, the big reviewers gave it solid praise, and just like that – marketing and word-of-mouth spread to bring in the equivalent of $420 million AUD at the box office. And if you’re on this site and you’ve heard of it, the question you’re probably asking is, ‘Should I see it stoned?’

Answer: Yes. You should absolutely see it after a small amount of bud – but don’t overdo it! Into the Spider-Verse is just as good as you’ve heard. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is filmmaking at the level of classic Pixar at their prime. The 97% on Rotten Tomatoes is no accident; The characters, the plot, and the animation are all brilliant and well worth the cost of a ticket (that is, with a complementary cone).


Up-and-comer Shameik Moore leads as Miles Morales—a fresh Spider-Man that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about. His MCU presence was teased in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he appeared in the hugely-popular 2018 Spider-Man video game. Into the Spider-Verse follows Miles’ origin story, surrounded by a dimension-hopping cast of alternate Spider-Men (Chris Pine, Jake Johnson, Nicolas Cage), Women (Hailee Steinfeld, Kimiko Glenn), and a Pig (John Mulaney). Plus, a number of other big names supporting.

In spite of everything that should be weighing it down, Into the Spider-Verse consistently delivers and surprises. Some serious passion went into the animation and writing. Still, the story remains tight enough for a lightly-stoned mind to follow, and ambitious enough to hit all the emotional notes I was seeking. Going into the theatre, I was at a steady [3/10], which moved down to an even [2] by the end. This proved just about perfect for the experience.

Sensory Overload

The animation is hugely varied. Not just throughout the length of the movie, but notably within individual frames and scenes. This is a sight to behold. It took me a good half-hour simply to adjust to the style as I settled in. Even at such a low buzz, I was a bit confused by the old-school 3D distortion effect that went in and out between scenes – I had to genuinely debate with myself whether it was real or not. Obviously I did get it after a while, but I would’ve been totally lost at a [higher] level.

The animation and plot only get more out-there as the film progresses, too; so don’t bet on coming down as a means of mediating the experience. You’ll have a blast just taking in all of the sounds and colours, but you’ll miss everything else it’s got to offer.

If you’re going in high, you’d better be ready for an assault on your senses. The soundtrack synchronises with the visuals excellently, with a healthy sampling of popular 2018 hip-hop that is sure to get the young stoner crowd smiling. With that being said, it might wrinkle the noses of some old-heads.

Even with the specifically youthful tone of Spider-Man: Into the Spidey-Verse, I really can’t fault this film, and I recommend it for any audience. It’s a high concept that everyone can enjoy. Go with the kids one day, and your stoner buddies the next. You won’t be bored either time.

Go in: at a low level. You’ll have a great time however stoned you are, but this is an experience worth remembering.

For fans of: comedy, animation, superheroes, hip-hop & NYC culture.

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A long-time stoner in the proud Aussie tradition, Angus studies and works out of Melbourne.

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Loving the review. It’s cool how you guys made this fun to read without spoiling the whole thing. If anything, I definitely have to see it stoned now though ha. Glad to hear you guys are having some fun in the US!