Shameless Plug: Smoke Weapon – Deluxe Bongs at a Fraction of the Cost!


Welcome to another shameless plug. This week, we’re reviewing Smoke Weapon, a fledgling online bong retailer. Smoke Weapon offers affordable quality glass bongs with free international shipping.

Now, you might be thinking; this is just another Chinese glass bong store, right? Well, you’d be somewhat correct; Smoke Weapon are technically based out of Hong Kong. Regardless, however, they are known for providing quality glass bongs with unique designs at a fraction of the price of Australian, American and European retailers.

They have an extensive selection on their website. Pickle Rick pipes, microscope bongs, triple perc bongs –  what more could you possibly want!?

I often see ROOR and G-Spot bongs at the $200-$400 price range. Whilst these designer brands often deliver great pieces, they don’t often justify their price; after all, they are still made of glass and are prone to breaking, regardless of thickness or quality. This is why brands like Smoke Weapon are so great for the Aussie consumer; they sell a diverse range of bongs, starting at around $50 AUD. Shipping, again, is totally free. And when you put that into perspective… I would much rather have 4 or 5 bongs for the price of one.

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Smoke Weapon were generous enough to send a bong to our team for this review. The one we got our hands on was the “Triton” Turbine Perc Bong. The piece is designed to produce a marvellous vortex whirlpool when pulled. Check out the video below!

Impressive, isn’t it? I have personally used this bong for two weeks, giving it a water change daily. These are my thoughts:

This bong is not just fun to look at. It is an overall high quality build, made of thick glass. The bottom is a little thinner than the mouthpiece, but it’s still a very solid bong. It comes with a sticker sporting the ‘Smoke Weapon’ logo, which is a nice touch. My personal hope is that future products from Smoke Weapon will have the logo engraved on the bong, etched such that it never comes off!

The bong sells for $55 USD, which, for our Australian audience, is about $75 AUD. Our audience can use the coupon “420” to get a 15% discount, along with a grinder. If you use the discount, the price will be brought down to $62 AUD, which is quite fantastic considering build quality.

Additionally, our customer service experience with Smoke Weapon was superb. The package arrived in the mail within 7 days; thanks to extensive bubble wrapping, the piece made it without any damage. The delivery time may be a little slower on average than a local retailer… but this is a tradeoff that I consider well worth it, seeing as I’m paying over double the price for an equivalent bong at those local stores.

So how does it smoke? Bloody well. First I started vaporising it with my Vivant Vaporiser which has a water piece attachment, and its hits were incredibly smooth! Then I started smoking some Frisian Dew through the bong, packing approx. 0.15 grams in the bowl. Once again, it hit well; the smoke was light and delicious.

The Triton is much harder to pull that a typical bong, by virtue of its vortex chamber; thus, if you have a limited lung capacity, this bong may not be the one for you. Also, you need to be kinda careful not to suck in too hard when lifting up the bowl, or else you might receive a nasty splash of bong water in your mouth! Admittedly, this problem can be remedied by tinkering with the water levels.

Overall, it’s not the best bong I’ve ever smoked (minus points for bong water in your throat), but it’s still a very reliable bong (so long as you clean it of resin regularly), and the vortex effect is undeniably dope. I’d highly advise using a screen with this bong, as it can dirty up pretty quickly.

For $62 delivered, it’s a quality piece of glass with an awesome gimmick that everyone gets a kick out of. All in all, I rate this bong an eight out of ten. Check out Smoke Weapon, they have a lot of potential to grow into a great brand!



  • 8/10
    Triton Turbine Perc Bong - 8/10


+ Vortex Percolator is brilliant and fun for the whole family
+ High quality build
+ Inexpensive
+ Clean, consistent smoke

+ Bong water in the mouth
+ Can dirty easily – must be thoroughly cleaned to work

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