PHYLOS Bioscience – A Cannabis Genetics Website (Review)

PHYLOS: The Canna Encyclopaedia

For a while, I was wondering if there was some kind of website out there on the internet that documented and archived the genetics and make-up of weed – an encyclopaedia of weed, if you will.

I would look far and wide for a website that offered itself as a one-stop-shop for all things genetics; and for a place that provided in-depth breakdowns of the inner-workings and behaviours of marijuana.

Then, one day… I became aware of PHYLOS Bio-science, and my world changed.

This website was not only the answer to all of my cannabis-related questions and queries… it also forever altered the way I looked at (and researched) weed.

What Does PHYLOS Do?

PHYLOS Bioscience contributes to the cannabis industry primarily through developing tools and techniques for growers to streamline their growing process.

Extensive chemical, feminisation, purity and genetic testing is conducted to a very high standard, to provide growers with essential information about their plants. An example is confirming feminisation!

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Along with their partner company Conception Nurseries, PHYLOS has brought about innovative advancements in coning; providing growers with a pesticide-free, true-to-type cloning system without the need to maintain a mother room.

Website Navigation


The look and feel of the website is good – simple and stylish, without being basic and dull.
It was consistent throughout all (but one) of their pages; all the while maintaining an easy and accessible experience.



It’s apparent that this website was designed around ease of use. Exploring Phylos Bio-science and browsing through its database is a very pleasant experience. By the time I had fully explored the website, I was more than familiar with their work, backstory and their accomplishments – all while being educated on how cannabis genetics work.

What’s Your Favourite Galaxy?

Have you every looked up at the stars… and wondered about all the clusters and constellations, up there?

Lately, I have found myself looking up to the Phylos Galaxy… to gaze through all the different clusters of cannabis strains. I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of genetics, breeding, related strains, potency, make-up etc. using this service.

You will need a beefy computer to get the full experience; unless you can wait the load times, and put up with your fan(s) screaming for help (or death). Don’t worry though, there is a basic search function that is much less taxing on your computer.

Follow up your journey though a galaxy not-so-far-away with a look into genotype reports. Search for your chosen strain’s closest genetic relatives, as well as distant relatives. You’ll also find a population profile, and a rating of genetic novelty and variation. Experience the awe of genetic diversity in cannabis in a way you have never seen before!

Just keep scrolling 😉


PHYLOS Bioscience is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to research strains in-depth. It’s a vast resource, with excellent navigation and ease-of-use. It presents its data in a beautiful and unique way; its gorgeous neuronal galaxy visuals are certainly a treat for the average cannabis enthusiast. If you ask us, it’s a no brainer.

Take a trip to the PHYLOS galaxy today!
William Mclean
Author: William Mclean

PHYLOS Bioscience Website
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The PHYLOS Bioscience is a terrific resource for anyone interested in cannabis.

Use this platform and give it your support! It’s a well-curated compendium of cannabis-related insights and knowledge from people in-the-know.


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Liam West
Liam West
3 years ago

I think you should do a bit more research on Phylos. They are one of the most hated company’s in the industry and I would not be recommending them or trusting any of their info.

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