FAB REVIEW: Stench-Free Storage w/ the ‘OG STASH BAG’ From Stash Australia!

One sunny winter morning, the FAB GANG set off to the Maleny Bird Sanctuary,in search of tranquil vistas and cute, fluffy, winged animals… with big, sharp beaks. So sharp, in fact, that they could potentially test the strength and durability of the OG STASH BAG – a product we’ve been interested in for some time.

Come along on a dank adventure with us, through the verdant slopes of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland!

The OG STASH BAG from STASH Australia

H 20cm x W 5cm x D 6.5cm (approx.)
Water-resistant Polyester – Black
Country of Manufacturing Origin: China

Regular Price: $59.95
FAB PRICE: $50.95 (15% OFF!)

OG Stash Bag
Mitch with the OG Stash Bag from Stash Australia.

Should You Believe ‘The Hype’?

On the STASH Website, it says that I can ‘Carry With Confidence’ , when using the OG Stash Bag.
Well, I must admit: I never had to worry once, in the entire time that I was out and about with the OG.

The OG STASH is a stylish, yet subtle and stealthy, odour-resistant carry-bag. This lil’ sucker flies under the radar exceptionally well. I alone can quickly imagine dozens of contexts where this particular bag would prove useful: music festivals, hikes, day-trips to the bird sanctuary… you name it!

‘Odour Proof’ – Activated Carbon Filters

What’s so special about the OG Stash Bag?
Well; it has a lining composed of an Activated Carbon Filter, sewn throughout the inside of the bag. This protective carbon layer prevents intrusive scents from getting in (or out) of your STASH.

We found the OG STASH bag highly effective for the purpose of trapping overwhelming smells, when we used it! Whatever dankness held inside of the bag was kept inside, throughout the course of the entire day. Whether we were with the birds, stopping at a cafe, lying on the beach, or chilling inside of the surf club – we were never served a single look. It served us well!
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OG Stash Bag
The OG Stash Bag, pictured here with other related items (all of these fit inside of the bag!)


Features ‘Odour-Absorbing Carbon Technology’ – providing security, comfort and peace of mind on outings.
Comes with a rip-stop exterior, and a roomy, branded interior of breathable TC-cotton.
The multi-purpose, cross-body design is also water-resistant.
The sleek, black-finished zippers offer accessibility in a flash.
The OG STASH BAG is of a high-grade, durable construction. Its overall build quality contributes to a solid, reliable ‘feel’.
Features a stealthy, inconspicuous design.
Stylish ‘ghosted’ logo featured on the strap.
Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which is easy to fit on any frame.
Payment Plan – Make 4 interest-free payments of $14.99 AUD fortnightly with AfterPay.
Free ShippingAustralia Wide!
Designed in Australia ??


Expensive – An obvious one.AUD$60 for a black carry bag is seemingly unjustifiable, for many regular Aussies. However, there is certainly a ‘niche’ of people who benefit from an odour-resistant bag. If you belong to such a niche, the price-tag could be worth it…
Lack of Variety –
There’s only one product available on the STASH website… and it’s the Black, OG STASH BAG. This is somewhat excusable, because the OG Bag is such a great product… still, there isn’t a whole lot of choice, on the consumer end.
Manufactured Overseas
– In the midst of the COVID crisis, this could be viewed as a potential weakness… despite offshoring to cheaper markets standing as a common practice, up to this day. ??

Hanging out.

FAB’s Verdict on the ‘OG STASH BAG’

This neat little thing looks and acts like a well-made carry-bag… which is one of its greatest strengths. The ‘OG STASH BAG’ is doing its best not to stand out in a crowd. Coincidentally, it’s also the perfect size for a portable vaporiser.

The ‘OG’ stood the trials of a day of intensive tourism: of birds pecking at its strap and zippers. It stood the test of the sunshine coast beaches, and its fine grains of sand. It passed with flying colours… in terms of not being noticed, and doing its job.

As a company, STASH Australia shows a lot of promise! This bag threatens to transcend cannabis and street culture, to become the must-have utilitarian fashion item of this year… no matter where you come from.

We rate it an 8.5 out of 10!


Mitch, giving you the OG STASH BAG FAB Discount.


Author: Mitch

Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.

The 'OG STASH BAG' from STASH Australia

  • 9/10

    Design - 9/10

  • 9/10

    Durability - 9/10

  • 7/10

    Price - 7/10

  • 9/10

    Odour Resistance - 9/10


The 'OG STASH BAG' from STASH Australia

STASH Australia shows a lot of promise with their first offering – the ‘OG STASH BAG’. Not only is this sleek, black carry-bag a stylish fan favourite – it’s also a hell of a carbon vault, for any pesky odours you may be harbouring (for whatever reason).

What a winner!


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Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.
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