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Getting Medicinal With PlantMed’s Dr. John Teh | The Friendly Aussie Podcast

For this episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast... we had the pleasure of discussing one-on-one with PlantMed Cannabis Doctor, Dr. John Teh! PlantMed is a Medicinal Cannabis clinic owned and operated by Australian-trained doctors, specialising in...

PAX Vaporisers: All You Need to Know

Are you looking for a discreet vape? Read on to learn important facts about PAX Vaporisers that you need to know!

Storz and Bickel: Comparing ‘Volcano’ Models

Looking for insight on the Storz & Bickel products? You're in luck! We have the perfect blog for you on the Volcano Vaporiser.

Tasmania: the First State to End Evidence-Free RDT!

Tasmania Has the Most Progressive MC Driving Legislation in Australia! Australian driving legislation is a great source of anxiety for many medicinal cannabis patients throughout Australia... that is, except in Tasmania. The team over at 'Drive...

VS: K-mart Coffee Grinder… or the GrindeROO?

The Aussie Grinders Crushing It, Down Under! Everyone has their preferred grinder! From 'hippy picking' with hands and good ol' scissors, to dedicated dry herb grinders and electronic machines that take the back-breaking labour out...