Make A Pipe Out of Anything


A well-known stereotype often attributed to weed smokers is that they’re lazy. If that’s so true, then how come we’re so proactive when it comes to smoking weed? Take the humble improvised pipe, for example.

In circumstances where the need was pressing enough, you would generally just figure it out for yourself – and it’s likely you would do okay. Today, however, I will perform two quick demonstrations to streamline your smoking experience. Next time you have a bunch of fruit lying around, but nothing from which to toke, you know what to do.

For a balanced diet, this article contains a serving of veg (carrot). The possibilities, however, are endless.

How to Make a Carrot Pipe

You will need:
– A carrot, preferably a small one with a bit of girth
– A bamboo skewer
– A sharp knife


1. Use a knife to cut the tip of the carrot – don’t throw it away! You’ll be using it to make a carrot bowl.

2. Hollow out the carrot tip into a conical shape (ideal for smoking cones) with a knife. That is, there should be a large hole in the top to place the bud into, and a small hole at the bottom to rest inside the pipe.

3. Take the rest of your carrot – if it’s too large, cut it to the size of a regular pipe.

4. Use the bamboo skewer to pierce a hole in the centre of the carrot, stopping a few centimetres before the end of the carrot. Run it back and forth to ensure a clear pathway to breathe in the smoke.

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5. Drill a hole on the top of the carrot with the knife so that your cone can sit in it.

6. Assemble the pipe, ensuring all the pieces fit snugly.

Voila – you now have a carrot pipe, ready to go! Let’s move on to the next one.

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