Footy Finals Ideal for Seeding

Written by Mitch

If you’re an Australian waiting for the ‘right time’ to germinate your seeds and plant them in the earth, wait no longer – for spring hath sprung, and the footy finals also happen to be an ideal time for seeding your weed.

Late September to Early October is in line with weed’s seasonal peak throughout most of Australia. Cannabis plants generally take around 4 months to mature and develop heads suitable enough for harvest. Seeds germinated in the next few weeks will reach their harvest date around January or February of 2019, allowing for curing into the early stages of autumn.

The coming days and weeks of planting will result in a higher yield for Aussies than any other time in the year. Yet, if you’re reading this article well within the midst of spring, there’s no reason to fret; given the right amount of TLC, THC-producing plants can be grown outside all throughout Australia, well into the summer. In the subtropical climate of the east coast, many growers succeed in operating outside until April.

Turns out, you don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate this time of year. Nature provides. Gardening is a sport, if you take it seriously enough. Also, the seasons don’t matter if you decide to start an inside op… we’ll have an article on that, coming soon.

Until then, take care! Enjoy the sportsball!

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