Geoties: The ‘Bees Knees’ For LST!

What Are Geoties?

The story of Geoties starts as most earnest inventions do – a problem existed without any decent solution!

After a few years of growing in a small 800mm x 800mm tent, under 400w HPS using Geopots… it became very apparent that there was a huge need to control the plant growth chaos that ensued in order to get big, consistent yields every 3 months.

Early Prototypes

Initially, elaborate frames were built from bamboo, resembling something from a Chinese building site in miniature.

That didn’t work… so, I attached fishing line from corner to corner, with side branches pulled to the outside edges of the tent with even more fishing line. This worked better… but it was still wrong.


Finally, I bit the bullet and acquired the SCROG net. This worked okay, but when you’re talking about bending a solid stem as thick as your thumb on a steady curve to 90 degrees, the poor net stood no chance.

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Off to the interwebs! I had an amazing time sifting through forums; seeing all the wild inventions that growers have come up with, to create a bend in the stem. I really do love seeing the ingenuity amongst our mob!

Stoners will always figure out how to smoke, grow, stash or consume in an overwhelming variety of ways. We become engineers overnight, when backed into a corner – in need of a new apparatus or tech, we innovate.

The wealth of knowledge found online is truly amazing! However, most of what’s out there for Low Stress Training (LST) revolves around the use of plastic pots and ties; which constantly need re-tying. They are not adjustable; they only fix to one spot on the pot.

Also, what about Geopots? One does not simply drill a hole into a fabric pot and tie off a piece of string! The only other solution seemed to be a U-shaped wire stake poking into the substrate – pinning the plant down. This idea kind of makes me cringe, though, as I would likely be damaging the plant’s root systems…

I wanted something that would pull down the branches incrementally. I wanted something that could be easily adjusted over time, and that kept the plants mostly independent of my setup – i.e. not attached to the walls or any other part of the setup. Enter the Geoties!

Geoties: Origins

Initially, before the word ‘Geotie’ had ever come to fruition, I reached back into my fishing tackle as a solution. Using fishing hooks and fishing line – but again, this resulted in pricked fingers, plus damaged pots and plants. It worked, but I knew it could work better.

The grind continued: until eventually, I used a metal hook, cut to a tested and re-tested size and shape, bent with a tiny handle to hold, and a sharp little point to slightly pierce the side of the fabric pot without any damage.

Kind of like how a dart board works – you throw the dart, and the bristles move to one side when the dart hits the board. When the dart is pulled from the board, the bristles just shuffle back into place.

The new steel hook gently moved the fibres of the pot out of the way when hooking into the Geopot, holding firm and when removed, the fibres moved back. Fixing point adjustable and re-usable? Check! But how to attach it to the plant? Back to the fishing store.


I wanted something strong, with a good re-use potential… so, after trying a few different materials, I settled on a special soft and supple stainless-steel wire. It worked wonders to attach to the hook, but was way too aggressive and fine to even think about wrapping around a branch.

A tip off from a good mate put me onto some tie, that could be bent in any direction, could hold its shape, and also gripped onto a branch with Gecko-like strength.

Done! The Geotie was born!

The humble Geotie - a work of innovation.
The humble Geotie – a work of innovation.

How Do Geoties Work?

Using a Geotie is actually very easy!

There’s the soft, rubber coated wire end, which wraps around the branch. This soft wire has a lot of traction, and is surprisingly strong! It holds well over 5kgs when twitched fully; however, it’s never necessary. As I’ve found, they should be used with caution so as to ensure branches aren’t “choked”.

This wire is then attached to the short length of stainless-steel wire, which runs down to the hook, crimped at both ends to last. This part can hold 30 odd Kilograms or more. With that sort of breaking strain, it should outlast the rest of your setup!

Then, finally, the little steel hook which can be pulled down and placed anywhere on the outside of the Geopot; allowing the user to manipulate a branch downward in any lateral direction.

Without the need to attach to the outside of my tent (or anything else, for that matter), the strain was taken off the SCROG net, with branches spread for a neat, wall-to-wall finish.

The ‘Geoties’ Epiphany

To step away from the plants for a minute, I will delve into a little about myself.

I’ve spent most of my life working around trees (whether felling or clearing the roadside vegetation, or cutting trees around powerlines). I enjoyed the work, and some of the people – and got to spend most of my life in the bush. Beauty!

However, not all was good. In fact, the money was pretty lousy at best. For something different, I spent a couple of years working with my bum in a truck, most of the time… or fixing roads… but it was haphazard, and didn’t last. Add a dose of mental health issues; and before I knew it, I’d been unemployed for 2 years… until recently.

All of this time twiddling thumbs (and healing) taught me much about myself. It’s in boredom that thought finally gets to flourish. I realised that the path I had been on for so long wasn’t the wrong one – but it needed to take a turn.

Meanwhile, I was trying to enjoy my time – spend it with quality, not quantity, and focus on the passions. Family, the bush, cannabis, gold, music. Caring for cannabis plants became a big part of my life; and as the setup improved, so did the herbs.

I think you might be on to what came next! One day, whilst zipping up the tent, with that childlike smirk a grower gets when the fruits start to flourish… it hit me! If this works so well for me, could it actually work well for others?

The answer, in short, was yes. It didn’t take long to receive confirmation that what I had made was already in demand, and I had to get to work! Goodbye boredom!

Making a Difference: One Tie at a Time

The thought of making something that will one day be wrapped around someone’s beauties makes me giggle every day. Our aim at Geoties is to put a childlike smile on as many faces as we can! We want to simplify the big yields, care for plants, make life easier for our brothers and sisters, and help fill as many empty spaces with as much flower as possible!

Head over to Geoties Australia to have a squizz at the new website. Ask questions via the “contact us” form, and we can chat about what Geoties will bring to your grow space!



Author: Jim

Inventor of Geoties!

Inventor of Geoties!


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1 month ago

These things are the tits! Used for training in combination with my scrog net, I nearly doubled my yield!! Do yourself a favour, get yourself a pack and never look back.

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