Smoking Cannabis ‘Around The World’ With Julian | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 7


Speaking With A Real Life German Backpacker

Mein Gott!

This episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast is a laidback, but engaging discussion dedicated to drugs, travel and the globetrotting lifestyle. Josip and Mitch speak to Julian – a wonderfully friendly and jovial bloke, who has been moving from place to place as a backpacker for a few years, now. He travelled all the way from Deutschland to say hello to his good friends in Australia – and we caught him for a half-hour, to touch base with him and access his bank of accumulated knowledge and experiences.

Julian speaks at length on his various travel experiences from all across the world; many of which have involved their fair share of buds! He also tells us what regions and areas are best to avoid, in his own experience.

Other than that, we spoke to him on the major differences between cannabis cultures all across the world, before letting him go and setting him free to continue on his travels ‘down under’ – spreading love everywhere he goes.

Thanks for appearing on our podcast, Julian! It was a pleasure to shoot the shit with you – and to dance ourselves clean together in Fortitude Valley! We hope you had a bloody ripper of a time in Australia, and that you’re well, wherever you currently are.

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