Speaking With Sam | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 5


Introducing SAM to the Friendly Aussie Podcast!

Listen to ‘The Friendly Aussie Podcast’ Here!

On this episode of the F.A.P, we are joined by our newest team member of Friendly Aussie Buds – Sam!

Friendly Aussie Buds has been functioning as Australia’s leading cannabis publication for well over a year, now – yet, it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that we managed to add a third member to our team! Introducing Sam: our good friend, who also happens to be our marketing and social media manager.

You can generally find Sam practicing his online humour and acting as his many hilarious alter-egos (such as Ader Titschöff, or Kief Splint) on our Instagram posts and stories. Be sure to check out @friendlyaussiebuds if you’re a fan of goofs, gaffes and memes of any kind. You’ll also see him in upcoming reviews, interviews, news segments, videos, and more!


This episode of the podcast sees Mitch, Joe and Sam get deep into discussion about all sorts of stuff… as well as diverge off on a fair share of tangents. We talk shit about John Howard, mention the concept of Ikigai, speak on where the cannabis scene is in Australia, discuss ACT’s recent decision to legalise possession across the territory, and go over our plans for the future as we work together to advocate for the end of cannabis prohibition.

Friendly Aussie Overhaul

Reckon we’ve been quiet? Well, true. But it hasn’t been for nothing; our web presence is currently undergoing a complete and total overhaul. We’re holding off 😉

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With a redesigned website imminent for release, and with the BRISBANE HEMP EXPO coming up on the 12th-13th of October, FAB is ramping up to deliver even more high quality content, as well as exciting new services for the Australian cannabis community. We seek to continue our redefinition of the online experience for cannabis enthusiasts all across Australia.

Let us know in the comments what you liked/didn’t like from this episode, and what you would be excited to see in future! We do our best to incorporate feedback into what we do everyday.

Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.
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