Aotearoa’s Cannabis Museum Curator | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 8

“Whakamana” – To Restore the Mana of / To Empower

If you’re excited about the prospect of our neighbours legalising cannabis, then you’ll love this interview! We sit down on the eighth episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast with Abe, an American who has spent most of his life across the ditch. Abe is a botanist by trade, and an avid advocate for the cannabis plant.

This conversation was so engaging that it ended up running for over TWO HOURS (!), so we’ve decided to split it into a few parts. This is the first of a three part conversation with Abe – and it only made sense to begin with his life story and what got him to the place he is today, as the curator of New Zealand’s cannabis museum. It’s really a funny story, that delves into the deep nuances of the politics of Aotearoa.

Listen to ‘The Friendly Aussie Podcast’ Here!

Abe on the left.

We would like to personally thank Abe for coming onto our show and being such an entertaining, insightful and informative guest. We appreciate your knowledge of the cannabis scene in New Zealand, and you’re a really cool dude. We’ll be staying tuned for any updates on the legalisation referendum in 2020 – and when FAB goes over to the land of the long white cloud, we’ll be sure to visit your museum!

Stay tuned for the next segment of this excellent conversation – it should be up in the next week 🙂

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Welcome to FAB
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Welcome to FAB
Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.


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