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We are officially at TEN EPISODES of the Friendly Aussie Podcast! Rounding us off, we have the last part of our over-two-hour interview with Abe from the Whakamana Cannabis Museum. Whakamana roughly means “to empower” in English. We are very grateful that Abe came all the way from his home in Christchurch to sit down and chat with us in the FAB studios, and really excited to release the last segment of our discussion to the world!

The Cannabis Scene in Aotearoa

Abe has been a proactive cannabis advocate for decades, and has managed to cement himself within the NZ scene over an extended period of time. What began as weekly 420 smoke seshes and hotboxing police stations in Dunedin eventually became a thriving grassroots movement with “high” aspirations.

When Abe was younger, he lived with his affluent parents in the land of the long white cloud, but he initially hated it. He then left for the US, in search of a thriving cannabis scene. Eventually, however, Abe’s love for cannabis and botany drove him back to New Zealand. This was around the turn of the millennium, just as the Greens/Labour alliance had mostly given up their campaign to legalise cannabis.

Nearly two decades later, the Labour/Greens/NZ First coalition have come around again to the concept of cannabis legalisation – this time, in the form of a referendum. We get all the insider info when it comes to the upcoming vote, the politics of the small island nation of New Zealand, and the future of cannabis scenes and cultures all across the globe.

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