AVB: Applications for ‘Already Vaped Bud’


Done Been Vaped

As some of you may know, vaporising your cannabis leaves it looking brown-ish. This may make it seem as if it the weed has been completely degraded, to the point where it can no longer be used. This initial impression leads many people to simply discard of their already-vaped bud.

In truth, though, this would be a significant waste of precious cannabinoids. Already-vaporised bud still has multiple viable applications, as it is still psychoactive. Yes, you heard that right – vaporising your weed allows you to use it twice.

Whilst vaping will extract the majority of these compounds from the plant, AVB will still have some of the good stuff remaining. That is, unless it has turned a very dark brown or black… in which case, it may be too overheated to be used again. However, if you keep your vaporisation within the ideal heat range of 157–227°C, you shouldn’t run into that problem. [2]

What’s more: since the ganja has already gone through a process of decarboxylation, you won’t need to heat it to activate it. Which means, you can technically eat this stuff raw and get high!

Uses For Your Decarboxylated Bud

Sounds great, right?

Well yeah, but not so fast. Sure, you could smoke your AVB in a joint, or just eat the stuff. It might even provide you with a mild high… but it’s usually pretty unsatisfying. You may be able to mask the taste with something, such as peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread. You could even sprinkle it onto food, or grind it up with your coffee beans for an extra buzz.

However, if you wish to avoid being left with a bitter taste in your mouth, it’s recommended that you run your AVB through a simple water-curing method. [3]


Curing eliminates the funky odour and taste of AVB. [2] This process can take up to 4–7 days… which is time enough to stock up on AVB until you have several grams or so to make it worthwhile. [1]

An example of water curing at work. [3]
The curing process requires you to wrap the weed up in cheesecloth, as though it was a big teabag. Leave the AVB submerged in water for 4-7 days. Check it regularly so that murky water can be replaced with fresh water. Once it’s ready, drain the water and spread the cured weed evenly across a baking tray.

Preheat your oven to 90–95ºC (200ºF). Place the baking tray inside, and carefully mix the weed every half hour. After 2 hours, the weed should be dry and ready to add directly to food. [2] You can now set about making edibles without sacrificing the taste… if that’s something you care about.

Making Edibles

As stated earlier, vaporised weed has already undergone the process of decarboxylation from THC to THCA, which is a necessary process in preparing cannabis edibles. [1] This is typically done by heating up buds in the oven, which is a time-consuming (and odorous) process.

This makes AVB very handy for the purposes of discretely producing your own edible cannabis treats. Obviously, the longer you spend saving up AVB, the more potent your cannabis edibles will be!

Cannabis Butter / Coconut Oil

Recipes for cannabis edibles typically involve butter. If you are vegan, feel free to substitute any mention of butter here with coconut oil.

Once you’ve reached this stage with AVB, you can go right ahead and infuse it with your butter. Heat a saucepan to a simmer with your butter, an equal amount of water, and the vaped weed. From here, the infusing process is usually most effective after being left on low heat for 2–4 hours; however, it can be left longer, if desired. Just make sure it simmers and doesn’t boil, as this will absolutely degrade the cannabinoid potency. [2]

Also, be mindful; as this process will potentially create a strong smell in your kitchen.

When you are finished simmering, strain the mixture through some kind of sieve or cheesecloth. This will remove the lumps from the mixture. Ideally, you want the plant matter to be mostly removed from or absorbed into the infusion. Leave the bowl of cannabis-infused butter to cool, then place it in your fridge overnight. On the following day, a hardened layer of butter should have formed on top of the water. Scrape this layer off and add it to the sweet or savoury recipe of your choosing.

Follow these instructions correctly, and you will enjoy a strong high lasting between 4 to 8 hours!


Another potential use of AVB is in making your own tinctures; a discreet a method of taking cannabis which is quickly rising in popularity.

With tinctures, a dropper bottle will allow you to administer concentrated cannabis oil right under your tongue. After holding 2–3 drops under your tongue for 30 seconds, you should start feeling effects within 15 minutes. These effects will reliably last for a couple of hours. [2]

In a similar process to the curing method above, you too can make your own cannabis tincture from your leftover vaped weed. You’ll need to find an alcohol that’s at least 90 proof, then add your weed to it and leave it to steep. Every once in a while, shake it gently.

You can leave this concoction for a few hours or a few days… but the longer you leave it, the more potent it will become.

After a few days (maximum), strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, sieve, or some other fine mesh. Then, store it in a dark bottle, in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Your own DIY drops could be every bit as wonderful and high-impact as quality cannabis oils. At any rate, you will be feeling the benefits of the cannabinoids in your AVB in one of the best ways possible.

A Final Word

Whatever you choose to do with your AVB, it’s worth acknowledging that there’s a significant difference between eating and vaping cannabis. Not only may the sensations vary; the instant high you receive from vaporisation will often be quite different from consuming AVB in the ways we have described, as they may take up to a few hours to properly kick in. So, be sure to exercise some caution.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article – and we’d love to hear about your AVB inventions in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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Saving AVB has it’s benefits. At least, it’s much better than letting it go to waste. I’ve never eaten it raw, but pretty much save it to use for edibles. I love how you guys added a vegan butter alternative too, good stuff! Love reading the new articles you guys come out with!


Dude you have absolutely no idea haha. Why did you even write this article? Learn chemistry first.

Joe Lagrasso

Would you be able to elaborate on what’s wrong? We can’t make corrections without knowing what’s wrong.