Zelira Therapeutics

Zelira Therapeutics
Zelira Therapeutics
140 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA , Australia

A leading global therapeutic medicinal cannabis company, Zelira Therapeutics (formerly Zelda Therapeutics) has an extensive portfolio of proprietary revenue generating products, including candidates going through the clinical development process scheduled for global release in the short term.

They focus on developing branded cannabis products that treat a variety of medical conditions. They conduct research and development work in partnership with leading researchers and organizations, including Curtin University, the University of Western Australia, St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Zelira Therapeutics is working on multiple projects involving the usage of cannabinoid products in the medical treatment of specific illnesses, including:

  • Pancreatic cancer (in collaboration with Curtin University in Perth, Australia)
  • Breast cancer (in collaboration with Complutense University in Spain)
  • Brain cancer (in collaboration with the Telethon Kids Institute at Perth Children’s Hospital in Western Australia)
  • Diabetes related cognitive decline (in collaboration with the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute at Curtin University in Perth, Australia)
  • Chronic pain (in collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne)
  • Insomnia (in collaboration with the Centre for Sleep Science at the University of Western Australia)
  • Autism (in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
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