The Australian Greens

The Australian Greens
The Australian Greens

Let’s get real about cannabis. The war on drugs has failed. The reality, which the old political parties continue to ignore, is that Australians choose to use cannabis. 35% of us have tried it or used it socially but, unfortunately, this choice could get you a criminal record just for having a small amount of weed in your possession.

This “tough on drugs” approach causes enormous harm. It drives people away from getting help when they need it and exposes them to a dangerous black market.

From Uruguay to Spain, New Zealand to the United States, countries all around the world are realising that prohibition causes more harm than it prevents, and are moving to develop a regulated legal market. It’s time we joined them.

The Greens see drug use as a health issue, not a criminal issue. Our campaign to legalise cannabis use would regulate and tax cannabis use to reduce harm, increase protection for vulnerable people, and break the business model of criminal gangs.

This is going to be huge, and you can get involved right at the beginning. Join our campaign and we’ll keep you updated on our progress, as we take our campaign to universities, neighbourhoods and Parliament House.

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