Organic Hemp Milk Australia

    Organic Hemp Milk Australia
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    Being long advocates of HEMP and many of its Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties…. we pretty much could not help ourselves with this awesome idea and recipe. Fine tuned over many long nights of experimentation, selecting and combining ingredients to give Australia the First Organic Hemp Milk ready for you cafe’s coffee machines and menus alike!

    Based on the GOLD COAST Queensland Australia! We are relentless in our approach on making sure everybody in has access to the might of  Hemp Milk.
    This is being executed by securing a kitchen to manufacture our Fresh product range that’s to be distributed within 24 hours locally whilst dedicated to our formulation on our LONG LIFE Hemp Milk  Range which maintains a great consistency for frothing  and will be ready for distribution any moment now!

    We are focused on The Original Fresh range distribution through out the Gold Coast/Brisbane/ByronBay region, this product has a vast number of applications from Raw to Cooked! Smoothies, Coffees, Bowles, Balls, Cakes,Breads and much more where a chef can put this awesome superfood, fully enriched organic hemp milk.

    Our goal from the start was to provide us all with a simple, plain tasting, easy drinking, nutrient and protein dense Plant Based Milk!

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