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Murray Meds
Murray Meds

Australian Medicinal Cannabis producer

Murray Meds is a fully licensed Australian medicinal cannabis producer, our licenses include research, cultivation and manufacturing. By cultivating and manufacturing to highest pharmaceutical quality standards that exist for medicinal cannabis, and by focusing on the lowest possible cost, Murray Meds is a leading provider of high quality affordable medicinal cannabis.

We utilise progressive and innovative cultivation methodologies to reduce the cultivation costs of medicinal cannabis by adopting regenerative and organic agricultural practices. We do this in an environmentally sustainable way, striving for zero waste, by using solar power to be a net producer of electricity and by following regenerative agriculture practices reducing expensive chemical inputs, we rebuild nature’s natural solar, mineral and water cycles and returning nutrient integrity back into the medicinal cannabis.

Our operations are licensed by the Australian Office of Drug Control and compliant with the strict Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 is an international treaty to prohibit production and supply of specific (nominally narcotic) drugs and of drugs with similar effects except under licence for specific purposes, such as medical treatment and research. We also comply with the strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations issued by regulators such as the Australian Therapeutic Goods (TGA) and the European authorities.

Our team is actively seeking to collaborate with others in this emerging industry by determining the advantages and challenges of growing medicinal cannabis in an outdoor environment, contact us for a confidential chat.

Abundant sunshine and water on the
banks of the majestic Murray River​

Murray Meds medicinal cannabis is grown organically on the banks of Australia’s largest river – the mighty Murray.

Our secure location provides abundant access to natural resources which reduces our need for chemicals and power and lets us keep a low carbon footprint.

Our cannabis cultivation practices strive for a dynamic, holistic and sustainable approach, focussing on regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. This including conservation tillage, permaculture, cover crops, crop rotation, composting and pasture cropping, all to increase our soil productivity and especially, the soil.

A key to regenerative agriculture is that it not only “does no harm” to the land and soil but actually improves it.

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