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Medlab Clinical is a medical research and development facility researching and formulating novel bio-therapeutics (e.g., nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals) to improve health outcomes in early to moderate stage chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease and pre-diabetes/obesity.

There are 5 core research programs that are at various stages of investigation, Medlab Clinical researchers believe that the company is at the forefront of new bio-therapeutic discoveries, and, as such posits to progress its laboratory and clinical research that can bridge unmet needs in the ever increasing global trends in chronic diseases.

Why chronic diseases…?

“The global epidemic of chronic diseases that are associated with obesity and its disease correlated sequelae leads to an ever increasing cost to the community. Therefore biomedical research that is focused on improving the health of the community is of paramount importance. Global population trends in chronic disease prevalence are reporting increasing numbers of patients diagnosed with various chronic diseases and an acceleration in disease severity. Medlab Clinical is dedicated to develop novel therapeutic intervention that would improve chronic disease health outcomes, whether these be in prevention, maintenance support, or curative.” SEAN HALL CEO/MD

Understanding chronic diseases

Understanding the impact of chronic diseases is vital; the Australian Institute of Health Welfare (AIHW) claims chronic diseases (in Australia) accounted for 90% of all deaths in 2011. (extracted

Finding solutions for chronic diseases

At Medlab:

  • We research bacteria and develop biological medicines that restore human health by addressing the problem where it often starts: the gut.
  • We create innovative new medicines, such as medicines derived from bacterial metabolites and bioavailable cannabinoids for the management of pain associated with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and chronic disease
  • We use nanotechnology to deliver medicines in nanoparticles that can be more readily absorbed when administered directly into the mouth or nose.
  • We create next “gen” solutions for pharmaceuticals for better delivery and improved pharmacokinetics, such as statins, utilising technologies that will markedly improve health outcomes and diminish side effects.
  • We focus on delivering new medicines for:
    • Obesity management, specifically in the pre-diabetic and type II diabetic areas, and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
    • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), specifically in the early to moderate stages
    • Depression, specifically in the early to moderate stages and medication resistant patients
    • Anti – aging, specifically musculoskeletal loss associated with the aging process
    • Pain management, specifically the role medical cannabis can play as an alternative to traditional opioid medication
    • Delivery systems, utilising small particles for improved bioavailability and overall patient compliance
    • Evidence – based nutraceuticals that can be used as an adjunct to the primary care of patients diagnosed with chronic diseases.

Research starts at the molecular level with genome sequencing, then progresses to cell culture studies, animal studies (if warranted) and human trials.

Collaborative partners are used when appropriate in order to access larger patient numbers and offer multi-centre perspectives on trial outcomes when needed.

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