Made in Hemp

    Made in Hemp
    Made in Hemp
    387 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty, NSW , Australia

    A family owned Australian company, Made In Hemp specialises in all hemp related things. They are leaders, founders and motivators in the Australian hemp industry, with more than 40 years of experience in agriculture. They provide the following services:

    • Procurement
    • Distribution
    • Wholesale
    • Retail
    • Online sales
    • Education services
    • Consultancy services

    Having previously farmed macadamia nuts in Northern NSW, Made in Hemp pivoted to hemp farming after personal experience with hemp oil in treating eczema. They developed a passion for certified organic hemp food products and skin care, delivering quality ingredients to conscious consumers. They also incorporate resources that are fair trade and ecologically sustainable in their products.

    Founded in Adelaide in 2004, Made In Hemp first sold their products through local markets and eBay, and eventually grew to sell at major exhibitions. Their brand is now available in health and organic shops across Australia, as well as their brick and mortar stores at Long Jetty and Islington in NSW. Their hemp processing facility is in the works, courtesy of a government grant received in 2017. Once their plant is ready, they will begin growth and production of hemp in Australia.

    Made In Hemp is known for their hemp and bamboo fabric products as well as their hemp food products. They have hemp and bamboo clothing, hemp and bamboo home textiles, hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein, cold pressed hemp oil, and hemp skin care. Their products are available in bulk for interested wholesalers. They can be reached at 02 4334 2000.

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