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Hydroponic Solutions
Hydroponic Solutions
Unit 1/1928 Beach Rd, Perth, WA 6090, Australia

Hydroponic Solutions is a WA based business operating in the Perth metropolitan area.

Hydroponic Solutions is one of only a handful of continuously operating web stores trading Australia-wide over the past eighteen years and we hope to continue for a long time to come. Here at Hydroponic Solutions, we have dedicated people from a number of backgrounds including science, engineering, business and marketing, and of course horticulture, ready to deliver the service, advice and product knowledge you deserve as you shop online with us.

What we do.

We source products that make growing all sorts of plants a breeze, using hydroponics or soilless gardening, as we also like to call it. The reasons behind the methods used for this type of horticulture are many; convenience, sustainability, ease of maintenance, small ongoing outlay, and great for those people who have little space to grow conventionally in large garden beds. This is where we come in, as we offer a variety of choices to select from that allow you to set up your own hydroponic growing system at home. In addition, once you have purchased and received your equipment, be assured that we can offer the best advice we can give, to help you get the best out of your hobby and make your gardening venture (large or small), successful and enjoyable.

Our Philosophy.

The home garden is an inspiration for all of us who wish to grow our own vegetables, fruit, herbs and ornamentals.

With that in mind, we also recognise that time and space are limited for a lot of us, and this is where hydroponics becomes a very attractive alternative to traditional gardening. Some of you would be familiar with those old episodes of the television show “Lost in Space” where you saw Maureen Robinson tending to her hydroponic garden, during those downtime moments in the series. This may have been your first introduction to the concept of growing plants in a soilless environment. These days, there are a multitude of ways to use hydroponics, as the hobby has come a long way, and indeed, it has become the number one choice for commercial growers as well, due to its efficacy for big scale agricultural production. However, it’s the small scale hobbyist we aim to cater for through our website. We genuinely believe that growing hydroponically is the only way to go for not only veteran gardeners but beginners and “black thumbs” everywhere who ever lamented that they could not grow even weeds. We stock all those products you need for successful soilless gardening; grow systems, plant food formulations/nutrients, yield boosters, electrical equipment and inert/soilless media and much more, all tested for quality and performance by us, as well as our long time customers. We invite you to embrace a different type of gardening if you have not done so before, and give hydroponics a try and see if it is not the best way to grow plants, whether that be inside your home, in the back yard, in your greenhouse, wherever.

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