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    Hemp Life
    Hemp Life
    384/52 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters, QLD , Australia

    Hemp Life began when Aron and his partner Gemma moved from the UK to Australia in 2010. Based on the southern Gold Coast, they started off with an IT consultancy and services business but found that they wanted to make more of an environmental impact in their day to day lives. Hemp food products were easily accessible in the UK, but in Australia they were illegal for consumption prior to 2017.

    Hemp Life was born to fill the gap found in the Australian hemp food products industry, aiming to provide sustainably grown, ethically manufactured and quality products that could contend with other product materials.

    They emphasise Australian grown and manufactured products to support the Australian industrial hemp market, and their product ingredients are sourced from organic certified materials. With their focus on stellar customer service and modestly priced products, their goal is to have every customer walk away satisfied and confident in their purchase.

    Hemp Life sells a wide range of hemp consumable products, but they are best known for their hemp personal care line. Their range includes hair care and skin care as well as massage oil and beard tonic. They also have pure hemp seed oil, cold pressed hemp oil, bags, books and DVDs for sale. The following brands are stocked in their online shop:

    • Green Hemp
    • Margaret River Hemp Co
    • Hemp Hemp Hooray
    • Alisium

    They’re also looking for new hemp food or skincare product brands that meet the criteria of “quality products, sustainably grown, ethically manufactured at great prices” to add to their product range.

    Whether you have a question or a business proposal, reach out to them by emailing info@hemp-life.com.au, or call them at 1800 781058. They are located at 384/52 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters, 4223, Queensland.

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    384/52 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters, QLD
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