Detailed Information
    Canngea is Australia’s only medical cannabis contract manufacturing organisation, using proven indoor grow technology to make consistent high-quality products at a competitive price.
    Established in Australia in September 2017 we are a licensed B2B operator serving other companies in the medical cannabis industry that want to develop products to sell to domestic and international consumers.
    Canngea is ready to take the lead as a licensed producer and manufacturer of high quality and consistent medical cannabis products. Our mission is to bridge the gap between ancient and contemporary medicine for better quality of life for patients.

    Integrated Grow Facility

    Our fully integrated indoor grow facility, covering 11,000 square metres, is the first of its kind in Australia. Full integration of labs, cultivation, processing, manufacturing and distribution reduces risk, increases crop yields and ensures product quality and consistency.
    Equipped to provide an end-to-end solution, we will utilise automatic aeroponic or ‘soil-less’ technology and industry leading grow methods and operations to fulfill manufacturing contracts.
    As a wholesale manufacturer, we are not limited to any one brand or type of product, and can produce highly specified product to order. Our products are GMP and TGA certified in compliance with the requirements of major global markets.
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